2018 Jaguar E-Pace price, specs and release date

Jaguar has been spotted testing a new small SUV, possibly called the E-Pace. The new model will offer customers a cheaper alternative to its current F-Pace SUV. Read on for everything we know so far about this upcoming BMW X1 and Audi Q3 rival…

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The new E-Pace’s styling will be inspired by the current F-Pace SUV (shown here)

New Jaguar E-Pace SUV styling

The prototype E-Pace appears to wear a shortened version of the F-Pace’s bodywork for camouflage. This new car sports a particularly blunt rear bumper and a modified nose with fewer air intakes – the basic body shape and the window openings appear unchanged, however.

The wheel arches extend to a point above the base of the headlights, unlike the F-Pace – this suggests the E-Pace’s bodywork will be lower and more car-like than that of its bigger brother. The new side skirts and double-sill below the door could help further differentiate the E-Pace from Jaguar’s larger SUV, too.

The E-Pace’s interior will probably not differ greatly from the F-Pace’s, shown here…

New Jaguar E-Pace SUV interior

No pictures have emerged showing the E-Pace’s interior but we expect it to borrow heavily from the larger F-Pace’s cabin. A broad infotainment screen and two horizontal rows of buttons will probably adorn the centre console, while Jaguar’s signature wrap-around dashboard design could also be carried over. It’s unlikely the new SUV will be able to match the F-Pace’s spacious 650-litre boot capacity, however.

The E-Pace forms a part of Jaguar’s growing SUV range…

New Jaguar E-Pace engines and driving

No official details regarding the new car’s engines have been announced but the current prototype has been reportedly registered as a diesel-electric hybrid – suggesting Jaguar is developing at least one all-new drivetrain for use in the E-Pace. Some sources have reported Jaguar will focus on efficient four-cylinder engines and, as a result, no V6 units will be available from launch.

It’s likely this new SUV will use a modified version of the Range Rover Evoque’s platform rather than a shortened F-Pace chassis. This would allow Jaguar to offer both four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive only versions.

The E-Pace will not only be smaller than the current F-Pace, but cheaper, too

New Jaguar E-Pace price and release date

This new Jaguar SUV will probably go on sale before the end of 2018. No official details have been announced, but entry-level models could be priced at approximately £28,000 to compete with the likes of the Audi Q3 and BMW X1.

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Jaguar E-Pace latest news (updated June 2016)

Jaguar is in readying an all-new compact SUV to take on the BMW X1 and Audi Q3. The new model – expected to be called the E-Pace – will follow the F-Pace as the second SUV in the firm’s lineup. Spy shots courtesy of MotorAuthority show the new model undergoing winter testing disguised with Range Rover Evoque bodywork.

The E-Pace is a vital model for Jaguar. Not only will it help the British brand reach its annual sales target of 200,000 models worldwide by 2018 but, in the short term, it’ll help it’ll help alleviate the lengthy waiting list for the F-Pace. We’ve taken a look at what to expect from Jaguar’s exciting new SUV.

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Jaguar E-Pace driving

We’ve only seen spy shots so far, but test mules for the new model are based upon the Range Rover Evoque. The chassis, which underpins both the Evoque and the Land Rover Discovery Sport, has been chosen for the new model because it’s cheaper to develop and produce than the aluminium structure that forms the basis of the F-Pace. Initial images suggest that the E-Pace will be slightly wider than the Evoque, and have a longer wheelbase.

With fewer off-road aspirations than Land Rover models, the E-Pace should be set up with a sportier on-road bias. Top-spec models will feature four-wheel drive, while entry-level models will send their power to the front or rear wheels only.

Jaguar E-Pace engines

Like its Land Rover stablemates, the E-Pace will be offered with a selection of 2.0-litre four-cylinder engines. A 150hp diesel will probably be the big seller, while the most potent should be a 240hp petrol, capable of a 0-62 time of around 7.6 seconds. Both petrol and diesel models are likely to be offered with the firm’s nine-speed automatic transmission, as well as a six-speed manual.

Jaguar E-Pace prices and release date

Though prices are still uncertain, its big brother, the F-Pace costs from £34,000. Expect the E-Pace to sit close to the BMW X1’s £27,000 entry price when it goes on sale in 2017.

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