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2020 Land Rover Defender price, specs and release date

The eagerly awaited new Land-Rover Defender has been spotted testing near the firm’s UK headquarters. But, rather than share pictures of what looks like a Land-Rover Discovery with wonky bumpers and terrible build quality, we thought we’d give you our exclusive renders of what the new Defender could look like carrying out the roles the old model took in its stride.

The last Defender was reputably the Queen’s favourite wheels, but could also roll its sleeves up for tough jobs like policing the streets of Northern Ireland, being the SAS’ Pink Panther reconnaissance vehicles and as the SUV of choice for the tough Camel Trophy competition. So keep reading for all the latest on the four-wheeled legend in the making that is the new Land-Rover Defender.

New 2020 Land-Rover Defender price and release date

It’s too soon to know exactly how much the 2020 Land-Rover Defender will cost but, while it will be fairly utilitarian, it’ll also be laden with clever off-road technology that’ll ramp up the price to a figure of around £35,000. That’s double what you’ll pay for the similarily utilitarian, but less advanced and much smaller, Suzuki Jimny, but also a lot cheaper than the tough but luxurious Mercedes G Wagon. The new Defender is starting the final stage of its development which means its launch date should come in 2020.

New 2020 Land-Rover Defender specs

Every part of the new Land-Rover Defender will be developed with tough off-roading in mind. That’ll start from the ground up with a solid ladder chassis that’ll make the Defender heavy but also allow it to bounce of boulders that would cripple a regular family SUV like a Nissan Qashqai. A ladder chassis would also make the Defender strong enough to pull huge loads – the old car was loved by the UK’s police because it could haul a stranded articulated lorry off the motorway even if it was fully loaded.

The Defender will also be styled to take a hard life in its stride. Minimal front and rear overhangs will help it scale ridiculously steep gradients, while easily removed body panels will keep repair costs cheap when you pick up inevitable bumps, scrapes and scratches. It should look a lot more modern than the original model, though, with a less fussy, smooth body and tight panel gaps, while you can expect it to come equipped with power-saving LED front and rear tail lights.

Bettering the old model’s off-road ability is a tall order, but making it more accessible to amateur off-roaders shouldn’t be a problem. Expect the old car’s confusing combination of manually selected differentials and low-range gears to be swapped for a straightforward Terrain Response selector that’ll set the car up for a variety of off-road conditions – such as sand, snow and mud –automatically.

New 2020 Land-Rover Defender engines and driving

Jaguar Land-Rover’s latest 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel and petrol Ingenium engines are likely to find a new home in the Defender, and both manual and automatic gearbox options should be available. It’ll be far more refined than the old model, which isn’t saying much. A hybrid is also expected, it’ll use a petrol engine alongside an electric motor. It is likely to offer 31 miles of electric-only power. The old Land-Rover Defender was at best terrible and at times a dangerous road car, especially if you had just stepped out of a modern family car with safe and predictable road handling. The new model should be a huge improvement with suspensions that’ll not suffer from horrendous body roll in bends and sophisticated stability control systems that’ll stop you from losing control of the car even during evasive manoeuvres.

New 2020 Land-Rover Defender interior

Not too much is known about the Defender’s interior yet, but expect it to be a more inviting place to sit than the old model’s which had all the warm and welcoming qualities of a prison cell. Expect to see some soft-touch plastics and equipment like leather seats and climate control, although rubber mats and seat covers will be options worth investing in if you plan to use your new Defender as its maker intends.


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