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Mercedes A-Class facelift: old vs new compared

The Mercedes A-Class is one of a growing number of premium hatchbacks that offer big car luxury in a compact package. Mercedes has now released an updated version aimed at making the A-Class more comfortable and efficient than ever.

It takes a trained eye to spot the differences between the new A-Class and the old so we’ve prepared this comparison to see how the new car has been improved.


The front has been updated with a new arrow-shaped front bumper, a diamond-shaped grille and new LED headlamps that are standard on the powerful A45 AMG and optional further down the model range.

To emphasise the sportiness of the A-Class there are newly designed rear lights and the exhaust pipes have been integrated in the rear bumper.


A new instrument cluster and a new display for the infotainment system make up the upgrades to the interior. The freestanding and frameless screen is also bigger than the one it replaces.

There are new trim finishes on the dashboard and, for the Exclusive models, there’s new a Sahara Beige leather seat upholstery. All models get multiway adjustable seats for front occupants.

Driving and engines

The biggest difference over the old A-Class is the introduction of driving modes. With the touch of a button, the driver can select one of four modes – Comfort, Sport, Eco and Individual.

The system modifies various settings to make the car more responsive or efficient depending on what the driver wants.

All engines in the line up have been given more power but are also more efficient. The most frugal option now is the A180 d that returns 81mpg and emits just 89 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

The A250 can now be equipped with a manual gearbox to increase driver involvement, whereas the seven-speed twin-clutch automatic has been revised for quicker acceleration. Mercedes’ “Launch Assist” gives you blisteringly fast acceleration from a standstill just with the press of a button.

Additionally, the new A-Class adopts Mercedes’ new naming system. Instead of being called the A180 CDI, the new model will be called the A180 d.


The infotainment system has been optimised in the new A-Class and it is now even easier to use. From the beginning of 2016, the system can link to Apple and Android devices and covers phone connectivity, navigation and music.

The infotainment screen is also more intuitive – animated menus and visual depictions help make it clearer to read. On Sport models and above, the screen is also bigger – eight inches now – one larger than the old model.


The already good safety systems have been updated with more features. A radar has been added to the back of the car to help with automatic braking and to prevent rear end collisions.

Emergency autonomous braking now operates at a broader range of speeds (40-120mph) and a five-stage bar display shows the driver’s current attention level.

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