2017 Mitsubishi ASX price, specs and release date

Images courtesy of Car Advice show the upcoming 2017 Mitsubishi ASX’s cabin for the first time. Read on for full details on the Japanese firm’s upcoming VW Tiguan and Kia Sportage rival.

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2017 Mitsubishi ASX – styling

The new ASX sports more angular styling than the outgoing model. The rear window openings are much smaller and a number of new creases in the doors help to make it look less top-heavy, too.

A simpler set of air intakes in the front bumper and a pair of new, slimmer headlights help the new ASX look sportier than the old model while the rear has been treated to a comprehensive makeover. Raised brakelights and a smaller rear windscreen make it look more like a high-riding coupe than a boxy SUV.

2017 Mitsubishi ASX – interior

This single image is our fist look at the new ASX’s interior. Gone is the rounded centre console of the old model – replaced by a multi-layered design with a large infotainment display above the dashboard. Thankfully, we can spot a number of physical buttons to either side of this screen – this should make accessing key features on the move easier than on pure touchscreen systems.

2017 Mitsubishi ASX – engines and driving

The new ASX is expected to be offered with a range of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines and possibly a plug-in hybrid system – similar to the one fitted to the Outlander PHEV. This technology should help Mitsubishi’s new compact crossover achieve more than 100mpg in ideal circumstances.

2017 Mitsubishi ASX – price and release date

The new ASX is expected to go on sale in late 2017 – possibly following a public appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. The new car should cost approximately the same as the existing model across the range – entry-level versions will set you back around £17,000, rising to £29,000 for top-spec models.

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2017 Mitsubishi ASX price, specs and release date (updated August 2016)

Images courtesy of Car Advice show a new Mitsubishi ASX prototype undergoing testing ahead of its planned lunch at the 2016 Paris Motor Show in October. This Suzuki Vitara and Honda HR-V rival is heavily camouflaged but appears to bear a resemblance to the 2015 XR Concept. Read on for everything we know so far…

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The new ASX (right) is expected to draw inspiration from the XR Concept (left)

This prototype has a more boxy body than the XR Concept but does appear to sport a similar cross-shaped grille beneath its many layers of camouflage. The two strakes between the headlights will probably be chromed on the finished car while sections of the front bumper will most likely be painted a contrasting black colour.

The new car’s proportions don’t appear to be radically different to the outgoing ASX – its chunky profile features relatively large windows that will help the interior feel as spacious as possible. The new car boasts a more steeply raked rear windscreen than the outgoing model but thick plastic wrapping fitted to the prototype disguise any further details.

No official dates have been confirmed but the new ASX is expected to go on sale in 2018. Customers will be offered a range of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines as well as a plug-in hybrid PHEV model.

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2018 Mitsubishi ASX price and release date

We don’t expect prices to change much compared to the current model. This means entry-level cars should cost just a little more than £15,000 rising to more then £25,000 for top-spec models. A hybrid model could push this number up, however, to above £30,00 for the plushest examples. It’s predicted to go on sale in 2018.

New Mitsubishi ASX price, specs and release date (updated June 2016)

A new Mitsubishi concept car, called the Ground Tourer, will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show in October 2016 and could hint at what the ASX‘s replacement will look. Only a single teaser image has been released, read on to find out what we know so far…

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From the official image, we can see this new SUV sports blacked-out pillars to make the roof appear to float above the bodywork. Its steeply raked windscreen and elongated lights that extend around the body – in a manner similar to the Range Rover Evoque – give it a stylish silhouette. Less subtle are the large air intakes in the front bumper and exaggerated wheelarches that dominate the lower bodywork.

Alongside this image, Mitsubishi has confirmed its new car will feature similar plug-in hybrid technology to the existing Outlander PHEV and be just as capable in the mud as it will be on the road surface. These claims cannot be verified, however, until the final production-ready model hits the road.

If this concept does reach showrooms wearing an ASX badge, we expect it to be compete with the likes of the Nissan Qashqai, Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson. If you can’t wait for it to be launched, check out the great deals on offer using our Mitsubishi ASX configurator, or take a look at a selection of its competitors using our deals pages and helpful car chooser tool.

Mitsubishi ASX price, specs and release date (updated November 2015)

Mitsubishi has announced it will debut replacements for the Mirage supermini and ASX SUV at the 2015 Los Angeles Motor Show this November.

The current generation ASX was introduced in 2010 and currently competes with rivals such as the Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tucson and Toyota RAV4. The new model will have to offer more than just good equipment levels and a roomy interior to remain an attractive proposition in the face of very fierce competition.

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New Mitsubishi ASX styling

The new ASX could combine features of the XR-PHEV II concept (right) with the old model’s proportions

No images of the new ASX have been released yet, but we expect it to take inspiration from the XR-PHEV II concept shown at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The recent replacement for the Outlander PHEV features design cues that trace back to this concept and, as a result, we expect the ASX to sport similar exterior styling.

The familiar trapezoidal grille may be lost in favour of the XR-PHEV II chrome-framed collection of faceted lines and complicated angles. Slim headlights mounted high in the bumper would give it a very sporty and distinctly tough front end.

The more radical two-piece rear windscreen and aggressively slanted roof-line of the concept are unlikely to reach production but, we imagine some elements will be translated into a practical five-door form.

New Mitsubishi ASX Interior

We don’t expect many features from the concept car (right) to feature on the new ASX

Mitsubishi chose to alter very few components when refreshing the Outlander’s interior and we expect similar treatment for the ASX. A large infotainment system will probably still feature prominently on the dashboard and the cabin should remain cleanly designed and uncluttered.

Two of the best features we picked out in our review of the Mitsubishi ASX were generous equipment levels and good interior space. If these themes continue, and Mitsubishi can sort out some of the lower-rent interior plastics, the new car could prove to be a very pleasant place to sit indeed.

New Mitsubishi ASX engines

Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid technology has proved to be incredibly popular and it would seem very likely that an electric drivetrain, similar to the Outlander PHEV, will feature in the ASX’s lineup. It’s been suggested, however, that such technology might not be offered as part of the range at launch, and we may have to wait until late 2016 or early 2017 to see it on sale.

New Mitsubishi price and release date

The new ASX will be revealed at the Los Angeles Motor Show this November and go on sale next year. An entry-level model will probably be offered for around £15,000, similar to both the outgoing model and crucially, many rivals. If Mitsubishi develops a plug-in hybrid model, you can expect it to cost up to £10,000 more than the standard car, as is the case with the larger Outlander PHEV.

If the Government plug-in car grant is extended, pending a review towards the end of 2015, you could save up an additional £5,000 off the price of a new plug-in hybrid ASX.

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