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Government plug-in car grant extended to 2018

Plug-in and electric-car buyers are in luck – the government has extended its low emissions grant beyond its original February 2016 cut off. Now, if you buy an electric or plug-in car from 1 March 2016, you can still qualify for the grant until at least the end of March 2018. Thanks to the its popularity, the UK is now the biggest ultra-low-emissions-car market in the EU.

If you’re interested in cutting down your emissions, with a little help from the Chancellor, check out our list of cars that qualify for the plug-in grant, then put your favourite in our new car deals page to see how much carwow could help you save.

Electric car grant from 2016

If you buy a pure electric car with a range in excess of 70 miles, the Government will offer £4,500 towards the price of your car. This is £500 down on the pre-2016 grant but still makes electric car ownership a much more attractive proposition. Any electric car is eligible for the grant, regardless of the purchase price.

Plug-in hybrid car grant from 2016

Plug-in hybrids previously got the same grant as pure electric cars but are now only eligible for £2,500. This is intended to help the Government achieve its target of having mainly electric cars on the roads by 2050. To make sure the scheme puts money where it’s needed, plug-in hybrids worth more than £60,000 will not qualify for the grant.

Hydrogen car grant from 2016

In addition to electric and plug-in hybrids, the Government is responding to the imminent arrival of hydrogen production cars with a £4,500 grant for early adopters. It’s not yet clear how long this will last because it’ll be based on many people buy Hydrogen cars – a bit of an unknown quantity.

Charging point grant from 2016

To make owning an electric or plug-in car even easier, the Government will offer an additional £500 towards the cost of fitting a fast charging point at your home. These devices cut down charging times significantly compared to a standard three-pin plug and it’s claimed buyers could save around half the cost by using the grant.

Get the electric-car grant

If you want to join the 50,000 UK motorists who’ve already benefitted from the discount, check out our list of the cars that qualify for Government grant. If you want to shun engines completely, here are the best electric cars on sale or, if you need a little extra range, here are the best plug-in hybrids you can buy.

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