Range Rover Sport Coupe price, specs and release date

The new Range Rover Sport Coupe isn’t expected to hit UK roads until 2017 but an upgraded SVR model has already been spotted testing. In these images, courtesy of the De Coches blog, two new prototypes can be seen parked behind a Jaguar F-Pace SUV.

Not only do these pictures give us a few helpful clues about what this new model will look like but, for the first time, we can see how it measures up to an existing car. Read on for full details…

The standard car (left) has fewer air intakes than the faster SVR model (right)

These two cars have been plastered with the same heavy camouflage as previous prototypes but a pair of large square exhausts peeking out from beneath the rear bumper suggests one car is, in fact, a high-performance SVR model. This test car also sports modified front and rear bumpers and large air intakes to help cool its more powerful engine.

The new Range Rover Sport Coupe will be approximately the same size as the current Jaguar F-Pace, albeit with a more sloping roofline. This suggests the new car will not be positioned as a rival for the large BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe – due to its smaller size, its closest competitors will probably be the BMW X4, Mercedes GLC Coupe and the upcoming Audi Q4.

Bigger exhausts suggest Land Rover is testing a more powerful SVR prototype (left)

Land Rover’s new Coupe will reportedly be based on the same platform as the upcoming Discovery 5. As a result, we expect it to be offered with a similar selection of engines including a 2.0-litre diesel and a range of more powerful V6 units. A supercharged V8, sourced from the Jaguar F-Type and capable of more than 540hp, could also make an appearance in the SVR model, too.

Rumours suggest Land Rover is in talks with BMW to secure use of the German brand’s straight-six and V8 engines for use in future vehicles. It’s possible the Range Rover Sport Coupe could be one of the first cars to feature these engines.

Our exclusive render shows what the Range Rover Sport Coupe could look like when it goes on sale…

Range Rover Sport Coupe price and release date

We expect further details to be announced when this car is officially revealed at a launch event in 2017. When it goes on sale, it should cost approximately £50,000 to £60,000 depending on final specification.

Range Rover Sport Coupe price, specs and release date (updated July 2016)

Land Rover’s latest Range Rover Sport Coupe prototype has been spotted testing at the famous Nurburgring race circuit in Germany. Images below, courtesy of Auto Evolution, show it undergoing pre-production benchmarking against potential rivals including the Mercedes GLE Coupe and the BMW X6. Our exclusive render above shows how the new model could look.

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We’ve already seen images of a Range Rover Sport Coupe prototype with thick vinyl camouflage being tested on the road – these images, however, show it undergoing more rigorous on-track tests. Being a high performance model, Land Rover engineers will want to be sure this heavy car can handle the high speeds its powerful engine can generate.

The swirling patterns and chunky temporary body panels make it difficult to work out exactly what the new Range Rover Sport Coupe – thought to be called the Velar – will look like. Our exclusive render, above, shows what we expect it to look like when it’s first revealed to the public, however. The taller belt line beneath the windows and sporty sloping roof compared to the standard Range Rover Sport should give it a more aggressive stance, while new wheels, bumpers and headlights will help set it further apart.

The car in these images is being tested against its closest rivals – a process referred to in the industry as benchmarking. Reportedly, the cars selected for comparison were the BMW X6 and the Mercedes GLE Coupe. This suggests the new Range Rover Sport Coupe will be priced to directly compete with these German offerings when it goes on sale. As a result, we expect entry-level models to cost between £51,000 and £61,000 while top-spec SVR versions could cost close to £100,000.

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Range Rover Sport Coupe latest news (updated June 2016)

Land Rover is readying a fourth model for the Range Rover lineup. Spy shots – courtesy of autoevolution – show a model believed to be an upcoming Range Rover Coupe, suggesting the British brand will offer a model to compete directly with the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe. Rumours suggest it could be called the ‘Velar’ when it goes on sale.

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Range Rover Sport Coupe styling

Land Rover sources claim the new model will feature radical styling by the current standards of the brand. We can expect many of the typically squared, chunky features of the current Range Rover family to be carried over, but applied to a much more aggressive, rakish body style.

Under the skin, the new model is expected to share its aluminium chassis – and indeed many other oily bits – with the Jaguar F-Pace. Like that car, we expect the new model to measure approximately 4.7 metres long and 1.65 metres tall. That means it’ll slot neatly into the current range between the smaller Evoque and the larger Sport.

Range Rover Sport Coupe driving and engines

Though the Range Rover Coupe is expected to initially carry over the petrol and diesel engines used by the F-Pace, Jaguar/Land Rover’s ‘Ingenium’ engine technology will be applied to 3.0-litre, straight-six engines in future. Depending on spec, these should pump out between 275-400 horsepower in diesel form, with petrol variants mustering from 300hp to 500hp. All models look set to send their power to all four wheels.

That most potent petrol model will form the basis of the SVR, a car to take on the BMW X6 M and Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupe S. Expect a much more aggressive styling package, larger alloy wheels and a firmer suspension setup compared to offerings from the less expensive end of the range.

Range Rover Sport Coupe price and release date

A spring 2017 release looks most likely for the Range Rover Coupe, with the SVR following in late 2017/early 2018 – the point at which we expect the new Ingenium evenings to launch. Pricing will be aimed squarely at the BMW and Mercedes alternatives, so an entry-level price of £60,000-£65,000 is likely.

Range Rover Sport Coupe latest news (updated April 2016)

Rumours suggest Land Rover is plotting a coupe version of the Range Rover Sport to compete against the likes of the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe. The new car will have a sportier shape than the standard model and share an aluminium chassis with the Jaguar F-Pace which should make it great fun to drive.

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The Range Rover Sport Coupe will feature styling somewhere between the standard model and the Jaguar F-Pace (shown)

New Range Rover Sport Coupe styling

Every vehicle in the Range Rover lineup – from the Evoque to the full-fat Range Rover – features a wide, thin grille flanked by a pair of swept back headlights that flow outwards towards flared wheel arches. We expect the new Coupe to bear a clear resemblance to the rest of the range with some angles tweaked for a sportier appearance and sized between the Discovery Sport and Range Rover Sport.

The regular car’s straight roofline will be shunned in favour of a curvier one. Despite the name, the new model will still have four passenger doors  though the rear pair will be smaller in order to allow for the sporty look. Looks like this have proved divisive on the BMW X4 and X6, so it’ll be a challenge for Land Rover’s designers to make the shape work.

Expect the Range Rover Sport Coupe’s cabin to change little from the standard model’s (shown)

New Range Rover Sport Coupe interior

Much like the exterior design, the interior will feature many typical Range Rover cues, albeit in a much more intimate, sporty environment. The same minimalist dashboard should feature along with a digital readout behind the steering wheel and the firm’s InControl touchscreen infotainment system.

Smaller overall dimensions and the rakish roofline mean we expect the Coupe to offer seating for four as standard. The Jaguar F-Pace offers a very generous 650-litre boot – we predict the Range Rover Sport Coupe will be slightly less commodious  a compromise of the more aggressive shape.

The Coupe will share a platform with the Jaguar F-Pace (shown)

New Range Rover Sport Coupe driving and engines

The new model is expected to use the same chassis as the F-Pace – the advantage being reduced weight compared to the standard Range Rover Sport. Constructed from 80 per cent aluminium, the structure allows the supercharged 3.0-litre F-Pace S to tip the scales at a little over 1,800kg  competitive among traditionally bulky SUVs.

Some of the F-Pace’s larger engines, including the 375hp V6, are likely to be carried over to the Range Rover Sport Coupe, though whether the smaller units such as the 2.0-litre diesel will feature remains to be seen. We wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a V8-powered SVR variant to compete with the likes of the BMW X6 M either. Most intriguing of all, however, is the possibility of an electric variant with an expected 300-mile range.

The firm’s legendary off-road ability should remain intact

Power will be sent to all-four wheels and a host of off-road driver assists will feature to keep you moving in tricky conditions. The F-Pace is equipped with All Surface Progress Control  a system that automatically maintains a steady speed over rough terrain  so it’d be surprising if the new Range Rover Sport Coupe omitted this feature.

The Coupe should be marginally more expensive than the standard model (shown)

New Range Rover Sport Coupe prices

We expect the Range Rover Sport Coupe to be priced a little higher than the Jaguar F-Pace on which it’s based. We reckon it’ll cost around £60,000 for V6-powered models. Should a V8-powered SVR see the light of day, that figure will edge closer to £90,000.

A 2017 launch date seems plausible should the Coupe be confirmed

New Range Rover Sport Coupe release date

The model has yet to be officially confirmed but, if it is, it’s likely to be launched in 2017, with order books opening soon after.

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