Skoda releases range of dog safety accessories

Is your pooch left feeling ruff after long journeys in the car? Being hounded to make things more comfortable for Fido? Driving with a dog isn’t easy, but Skoda has revealed a range of safety accessories to keep man’s best friend safe and comfortable on car journeys.

Dog seat belt

First on the list of official Skoda accessories is the dog seat belt (shown above). It’s designed to keep your dog happily secured to a car seat during cornering, and comes in four sizes – but good luck breaking it to Rover that he’s now an XL.

It’s designed to integrate with your dog’s lead too, so you won’t have to faff changing harnesses when it’s time for walkies. The seat belt costs £50 for a small, £65 for a medium, £75 for a large and £85 for an extra large.

In-car dog hammock

OK, strictly speaking this isn’t so much a hound hammock – Skoda says it’s a ‘back seat protector’. It costs £30 and helps save your car’s seats from an unstoppable tide of dog hair and slobber. It attaches to the front and rear-seat headrests, and is made of a waterproof non-slip material to keep even a post-swim Labrador secure.

Dog guard

Dog guards are nothing new – they’re metal grilles that sit just behind the rear passenger seats to keep dogs in the boot of the car while keeping the view out the rear window relatively clear for the driver.

Skoda has added its branded ‘simply clever’ extra touch, however, by offering a version for smaller dogs that divides the boot space in two, leaving room for some luggage. You can order full-size and small grilles for the Fabia Estate, Octavia Estate and the new Superb Estate and expect to pay from £105.50.

Need a more dog-friendly car?

If your dog’s as bored of your car as you are, then it’s probably time to get a new one. Use the carwow car chooser to narrow down the 400-or-so cars on sale in the UK to a handful that are right for you. Also, our favourite estate cars with big boots should be a great starting point for making sure your pooch is truly pampered and has room to relax on long journeys.

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