2017 Skoda Octavia facelift price, specs and release date

Skoda has revealed a facelifted Octavia hatchback that features subtly updated styling, loads of new equipment and new selectable driving modes. Thankfully, its vast boot has been left untouched and remains the most capacious in its class. Read on for full details…

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2017 Skoda Octavia facelift – styling

The biggest change Skoda’s made to the Octavia – we’re using the word ‘big’ loosely here – is a pair of new headlights. In place of the old model’s large square units, the new car comes with a quad headlight setup, reminiscent of an old Mercedes E-Class.

The broad air intake in the front bumper has been altered slightly, too. It now features slimmer fog lights and a thin chromed strip borrowed from the Kodaiq Vision S Concept. At the rear, the bootlid sports a familiar creased look but the brake lights have been updated with a more modern LED design.

If you’ve completely run out of things to talk about with your friends, you could tell them the rear reflectors on your new Octavia are now joined by a small new crease, too. We can’t guarantee they’ll be too impressed, however.

2017 Skoda Octavia facelift – interior

Inside, Skoda has focussed on revamping the Octavia’s infotainment system. A new glass display reportedly responds to lighter touches and is now available in sizes as large as 9.2 inches. Top-spec infotainment units come fitted with a WiFi hotspot as standard, too.

The new Octavia boast a massive boot in both hatchback and estate guise. With the rear seats in place, they can carry 590 and 610 litres of luggage respectively. Leave a few passengers behind, however, and you’ll be able to squeeze in a maximum of 1,580 litres in the hatchback and a colossal 1,740 litres in the estate.

2017 Skoda Octavia facelift – engines and driving

The new model will be offered with a comprehensive range of petrol and diesel engines ranging from an 113hp 1.0-litre petrol to a 148hp 2.0-litre diesel unit. Manual gearboxes will be fitted as standard to all Octavia models while a twin-clutch DSG automatic will be offered as an optional extra.

Four-wheel drive – to offer a little extra grip in slippery conditions – is available on 1.8-litre petrol and 2.0-litre diesel models. Skoda has also introduced new selectable drive modes allowing you to alter the steering and suspension settings, too.

2017 Skoda Octavia facelift – price and release date

Skoda hasn’t announced how much the new Octavia will cost but we expect it to set you back approximately the same as the outgoing model across the range. Entry-level models could cost approximately £17,000 while top-spec versions will cost close to £28,000. Estate versions will set you back around £1,000 more than the hatchback across the range.

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2017 Skoda Octavia facelift price, specs and release date (updated August 2016)

A heavily revised Skoda Octavia is expected to hit showrooms in 2017, with an overhauled interior and new exterior styling bringing it more in line with the up-coming Kodiaq SUV. Here’s everything we know about it so far…

When it goes on sale, it’ll rival similarly priced family hatches such as the Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Astra – cars the Octavia has traditionally one-upped on the practicality front.

The new model’s styling is expected to be similar to the current car’s (shown)

2017 Skoda Octavia – styling

The looks of the Octavia won’t drastically change but they’ll go through a noticeable evolution for the 2017 model. New, wider headlights could be split in two, with a distinctive LED signature and re-sculpted bumpers giving the family car a more striking exterior than the outgoing model.

There’ll also be changes to the grille with a more Superb-like shape, and more pronounced lines on the bonnet. To the rear, the C-shaped lights will go through a minor revamp. Dimensions will stay the same, with changes in this department having to wait until the release of an all-new version in the next couple of years.

The new Octavia will update the outgoing model’s interior (shown)

2017 Skoda Octavia – interior

Despite to the dimensions remaining the same, the Octavia will continue to feature near-class-leading interior space and boot capacity. Inside, there’ll be extensive changes to the dashboard, with a new 9.5-inch touchscreen with smartphone integration and support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The VW Group’s Virtual Cockpit system will probably be made optionally available, while Skoda looks set to introduce softer plastics and materials to complement the added gadgets and interior updates.

The current car’s (shown) engine range will mostly reappear in the new model

2017 Skoda Octavia – engines

A wide range of engines will be offered for the Octavia, from a 1.0-litre TSI petrol to a 2.0-litre TDI diesel. The sporty vRS version will either include a tweaked version of the 2.0-litre TDI or a 227hp 2.0-litre petrol.

A six-speed manual gearbox will be offered as standard with the excellent DSG dual-clutch automatic on the options list. A plug-in hybrid model for the Octavia doesn’t look likely for this mid-life revamp but could feature on the all-new model.

2017 Skoda Octavia price and release date

There’s no exact release date just yet for the refreshed Octavia but it’s thought it’ll come out in 2017. Prices could be slightly higher than the current model at around £17,000, while top-of-the-range trims and engines could see it rise to around £30,000.

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