Toyota’s FT-1 – A Teaser For The Next Generation of Supra?


Hailing from Toyota’s California-based Calty design studio, this is the FT-1 Concept that might herald the next generation of Toyota’s much-loved and sorely missed Supra.

Taking design cues from the 2000GT of old, this “future Toyota” (yes, that’s really what it stands for) is another attempt to strike out in the direction of exciting and simple front-engined, rear-wheel drive sportscars, kicked off by the success of the GT86.

As a concept, technical details on the FT-1 are somewhat sparse – though if you happen to be a gamer you’ll be able to get a taste of the car already as, like the BMW M4 last month, it was unveiled in Gran Turismo 6 at the same time it was shown in the real world. There it’s packing around 500hp from a turbocharged V8 and should weigh around 1320kg.

The interior is part race car and part combat jet, with an F1-inspired steering wheel and a diverging instrument binnacle that focuses youreyes onto the road ahead – through a rather nifty heads-up display. The driver-focused cabin – with all the instruments within reach and any passengers cut off by a significant buttress – harks back to the interior of the Mk4 Supra (if a little more 21st Century), fuelling the fires of a resurrection.

With all the ducts, vents and almost mandatory variable rear wing, the FT-1 has plenty of road presence too, with that wraparound screen giving good visibility for the driver.

Even if it’s not particularly likely to see full production unchanged, it’s a good glimpse into the direction Toyota is pushing. A whole lot more interesting than a sea of Yarises, Aurises and Priuses, no?

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