2017 Toyota Supra price, specs and release date

New images of a prototype undergoing testing give us our best look yet at the upcoming Toyota Supra. It still wears a thick layer of camouflage, but its sporty shape can be seen in clearer detail than ever before in these images courtesy of Motor Authority. Read on for full details…

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The latest Supra prototype, left, bears a striking resemblance to our exclusive render, centre, and the FT-1 concept, right…

New Toyota Supra – styling

The Supra prototype in these pictures shares many design features with both the FT-1 Concept car and our exclusive render, above. The long, low bonnet, distinctive double-bubble roofline and upturned rear spoiler are all familiar styling cues borrowed from the radical 2014 concept.

A large plastic panel riveted to both doors could hide a large air intake, similar to the FT-1’s, while the prototype’s bulbous rear bumper and unfinished brakelights should make way for sportier, more sophisticated items on the finished car.

New Toyota Supra – interior

Toyota has done an equally thorough job disguising the new Supra’s interior. Peering through the open driver’s window we can see a large infotainment display mounted above the dashboard and a deeply recessed instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. At this early stage, specific details are sketchy at best but we expect this new flagship sports car to come with an impressive array of advanced infotainment features and in-car technology.

New Toyota Supra – engines and driving

The Japanese firm has been cagey about revealing what engines could be fitted to its new sports car. We know it’ll share a platform with the upcoming BMW Z5 but it’ll probably be powered by a range of engines sourced solely from Toyota.

Range-topping models could feature a twin-turbocharged V6 engine assisted by one or more electric motors. More affordable versions may be offered without the complex hybrid system or even with a smaller four-cylinder petrol engine, instead.

BMW has successfully used carbon fibre to improve performance and efficiency in its i3, i8 and 7 Series saloon cars. Rumours hinting that both the Z5 and Supra will be built at the same factory suggest Toyota could take advantage of the German firm’s lightweight construction techniques to offer a car boasting responsive handling and rapid acceleration.

New Toyota Supra – price and release date

Toyota is yet to confirm how much the new Supra will cost, or even when it’ll go on sale. The finished car could make an appearance at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show in October but we’re not likely to spot one of these Japanese sports cars on UK roads until 2019.

Entry-level models are expected to cost approximately £40,000 while top-spec versions could set you back more than £50,000.

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New Toyota Supra price, specs and release date (updated September 2016)

It seems like a lifetime since the previous generation Toyota Supra went out of production, but the new one is on the horizon. A new Toyota sports car was previewed by the Toyota FT-1 concept, which was later confirmed as the upcoming Supra replacement. While our renders above and below show what the new model could look like, spy shots courtesy of carscoops show it testing in camouflage.

The development of the upcoming sports car has leant heavily on a partnership formed between BMW and the Japanese manufacturer. The collaboration will also spawn the next BMW Z5, set to succeed the Z4. The two sports cars will make use of BMW’s new lightweight platform, housing shared electronic and suspension components.

Both will be made distinct with unique characters – the Supra catering to those more inclined towards Fast and the Furious, a franchise it owes much of its fame to and following to. The BMW, on the other hand, will serve a more grown-up audience.

The disguise in pictures can’t hide the Supra’s coupe bodystyle – a two-door, classic cabin-back sports coupe. There’s no word on whether a removable Targa roof will also be available as it was on the previous model. Design similarities between the prototype and Toyotas entry-level sports car – the GT86 – are clear to see. Rounded LED brakelights are reminiscent of those on a Ferrari F12 but these aren’t confirmed for production.

Engine options are yet to be confirmed but rumours suggest a six-cylinder, turbocharged engine could feature with around 400hp. It’s expected to coexist alongside side a flagship hybrid model. Others have claimed BMW will provide both turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engines for the Japanese cult hero.

The new Supra’s release is thought to be about a year behind the Z5 – expected to be sometime in 2017. There’s no word on pricing but it’s thought the Supra could cost anywhere from £50,000 to £80,000 for top-spec models.

Toyota Supra latest news (updated May 2016)

Thanks to a platform-sharing programme between Toyota and BMW we could see all-new Supra and Z5 sports cars on the road as early as 2017. No official images have emerged but our exclusive render shows what the eagerly awaited Supra could look like. Read on for high-def images and all the details we know so far…

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Recent Toyotas, such as the latest Prius, the hydrogen-powered Mirai and the new C-HR crossover, have demonstrated brave new styling directions but we expect the new Supra to be heavily influenced by the Toyota FT-1 concept car.

Our render shows the new car fitted with two large air-intakes and slim headlights with distinctive daytime running lights, borrowed from the FT-1. Below, an angular front splitter extends around the car in the form of ground-hugging side-skirts.

We expect many features from the FT-1, left, to be present on the new Supra, right

The brake-cooling ducts beside the headlights could reach production but the new Supra may have to make do without the FT-1’s transparent engine cover. The concept’s bulbous round nose could be flattened to aide pedestrian impact safety, too.

The new Supra could have proportions less extreme than the FT-1 concept, left, but sportier than the GT86, right

The new Supra’s proportions are likely to be more aggressive than Toyota’s current GT86 sports car thanks to a lower ride-height, wider body and lower roof line. We don’t, however, expect the exaggerated arches and huge wheels seen on the FT-1 to reach Toyota showrooms anytime soon.

The double-bubble roof and blacked-out windscreen pillars could easily be replicated on a production car, as shown in our design render, but the thin wing mirrors with elegant hook-shaped supports are likely to be replaced by more conventional units. The deeply sculpted air intakes ahead of the rear wheels and adjustable rear spoiler are features we expect to see on the new Supra, however.

When it goes on sale, the new car could cost more than £70,000 and be priced to compete with the likes of the Porsche 911. A production-ready version will likely be shown to the public in 2017 before the finished car goes on sale in 2018.

New Toyota Supra price, specs and release date (updated January 2016)

The long-awaited Toyota Supra has been spotted undergoing winter testing in the Arctic circle. With the platform shared with the BMW Z5 – the upcoming Z4 replacement – the Japanese brand will be aiming to rekindle the legendary status afforded to its predecessor. The firm’s FT-1 concept (pictured throughout) shows roughly how the future model could look.

Unlike the relationship that spawned the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ, this joint venture will extend further than simply rebadging two identical cars. Both will share a chassis and possibly some behind-the-scenes tech but each will be distinctive in its own right with unique bodywork and possibly engines, too.

2017 Toyota Supra styling

Unlike the BMW Z5 which is expected to be a soft-top convertible, the Supra will be adopting a hard-top coupe body style much like the previous version. Styling cues should resemble those found on the California-designed FT-1 concept, albeit with slightly less aggressive features.

Although we’ve not seen the finished version, the Supra’s exterior should feature large front air intakes, sculpted bodywork along the sides housing a set of side vents and large, twin exhausts at the rear sitting below an obligatory spoiler. The somewhat fussy face seen on the FT-1 concept is expected to be toned down for more modest European tastes.

2017 Toyota Supra interior

The Supra’s interior is expected to be a toned down version of that seen on FT-1 concept but, however it ends up, it’s expected to be a driver-focused environment. Sitting low to the ground on a set of sport seats, the driver will find the major controls aimed towards them, with a set of switches to adjust driving modes within easy reach.

Luxuries such as climate control, leather upholstery and satellite navigation will feature to stop the Supra from feeling like a stripped track car. Like almost all modern cars, an infotainment system will probably feature in the centre of the dashboard removing the need for the many buttons that would otherwise control the car’s functions.

2017 Toyota Supra driving and engines

With a classic front-engined, rear-wheel drive powertrain, the Supra shouldn’t disappoint on the road. The larger footprint than the GT86 and the potential for four-wheel drive means its handling should feel both stable and adjustable on throttle. Refinement should also take a step up from its GT86 sibling but won’t be too numb to appeal to enthusiasts.

The original Supra used a very powerful straight-six petrol engine (the 2JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GE for the nerds among you). While Toyota won’t use this unit, it is expected to make a straight-six engine available in the new Supra. This could well be sourced from BMW thanks to the manufacturers’ tie-up.

2017 Toyota Supra hybrid

To meet ever more stringent environmental requirements, a hybrid system could be installed to reduce fuel consumptions and emissions while also improving throttle response. Depending on the placement of the electric motors, they could be set up drive the front wheels making this version of the Supra four-wheel drive.

Toyota could source all or part of its hybrid system from one of its existing cars – such as that found on the Lexus RC 300h. Installing a jointly developed engine and drivetrain system with BMW would save time and costs for both brands. This system could offer a potential combined output of 500hp, meaning the Supra would produce enough power to take on the Porsche 911 and Mercedes AMG GT.

2017 Toyota Supra price and specs

With such upmarket rivals, the Supra could end up priced around £70,000. To convince buyers away from more established performance brands, Toyota will need to make sure the Supra offers great value for money so expect most equipment to be offered as standard.

2017 Toyota Supra release date

Toyota is remaining tight-lipped on the Supra’s release date – mirroring BMW’s attitude with the Z5. Our best guess suggests we’ll see the first production versions towards the end of 2017 with the car going on sale in early 2018. We’ll update this page with new info when we get it so check back to see the latest updates.

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