Volkswagen Golf Mk7 facelift – complete guide

VW has revealed a facelifted version of its popular Golf. The new car will rival the likes of the Vauxhall Astra and Ford Focus until an all-new model is launched in 2018. Read on for images and full details of this revamped family hatchback.

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New VW Golf MK7 facelift – styling

We don’t imagine VW’s design department put in too many long nights developing this new facelifted Golf. Besides a broader air intake in the front bumper, slightly reshaped foglights and a chrome strip beneath the number plate, little has changed.

The headlights have, however, been treated to a new design with more angular inserts – made possible by the use of LED technology in place of the old car’s xenon units. Funky scrolling indicators, similar to those fitted to many Audis, will also make an appearance on the new Golf.

The brakelights and rear bumper have been given a similar subtle makeover, too. A slightly more pronounced crease extends outwards from the bootlid while a pair of larger rear reflectors help make the facelifted car look slightly wider than the outgoing model. The old car’s side profile, window openings and side skirts have been carried over unchanged, however.

New VW Golf Mk7 facelift – interior

At first glance, the new car’s interior looks almost identical to the existing model. The simple dashboard design and functional button layout will be instantly familiar to any current Golf driver – as will the eye-catching tartan seats in high-spec GTI, GTD and GTE models.

All new facelifted Golfs will come with a larger central infotainment system while high-spec models will be fitted with a 9.2-inch screen in the centre console and a new 12.3-inch display behind the steering wheel. The latter will display a variety of vehicle data and sat nav directions in a similar manner to Audi’s Virtual Cockpit.

Making its VW debut is a new gesture control feature offered as part of the optional Discover Pro package. This system will allow you to swipe through menus and alter various settings – such as stereo volume – without getting grubby finger marks all over the centre console. Drivers preferring a more hands-on approach can still navigate through the various menus using a pared-back selection of buttons and a conventional touchscreen, however.

New VW Golf Mk7 facelift – engines and driving

Alongside the old car’s selection of petrol and diesel engines, the new Golf will be available with a range of new 1.5-litre petrol options. A 148hp unit – capable of returning 58mpg – will be offered alongside a 61mpg Bluemotion version with 128hp.

A new Extended Coasting feature will allow Bluemotion models to save fuel by selectively shutting down the engine when the driver releases the accelerator pedal. Modifications to the braking system will make sure you’ll still be able to perform an emergency stop with this mode engaged. This system could help improve fuel economy by as much as 8mpg.

A new seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox will now be offered alongside a conventional manual gearbox. This new unit will replace the outgoing car’s six-speed DSG automatic and should help reduce CO2 emissions.

New VW Golf Mk7 facelift – equipment

In addition to an upgraded infotainment system with gesture control, the new Golf will come fitted with a wealth of advanced safety equipment. The emergency city braking system can now apply the brakes if it detects a pedestrian in the road ahead while a trailer assist feature will help you reverse into tricky spots with a caravan in tow.

New Golfs fitted with a DSG automatic gearbox will be offered with a semi-autonomous driving feature. This system – designed for use on busy motorways – can guide the car along at slow speeds, maintaining a safe distance to the car in front. You must, however, keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times.

An additional safety feature fitted to the facelifted car is Emergency Assist. This system aims to prevent accidents caused by inattentive or sleeping drivers by monitoring your steering and pedal inputs and sounding a series of alarms if it detects you may have nodded off. It can even bring the car to a complete stop – avoiding surrounding traffic – if you fail to respond.

The Golf’s self-parking features have also been refined for the new model. Not only can it manoeuvre into tighter parallel parking spaces but it’s able to reverse into perpendicular parking bays for the first time, too.

New VW Golf GTI Mk7 facelift

It’s not only the standard Golf that benefits from a few little nips and tucks for 2017 – the sporty Golf GTI model has gone under the knife, too. A more aggressive front bumper and new hockey stick shaped red trim pieces in the headlights should help this new car stand out from the old model.

At the rear, you’ll find it sports revised LED brake lights and new larger exhausts – a clue that its 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine produces a smidge more power than the outgoing 220hp version. The new GTI now offers 227hp as standard and 242hp in upgraded Performance trim.

New VW Golf GTE Mk7 facelift

The new Golf GTE plug-in hybrid features similar visual modifications to its GTI cousin. Numerous blue details takes the place of the GTI’s red stripes, however, while large hook-shaped daytime running lights nestle neatly in its revised front bumper.

New VW Golf R-Line Mk7 facelift

The new Golf will be available in a sporty R-Line trim, too. This model comes as standard with a number of visual upgrades including slightly more sporty bumpers, larger exhaust tips and R-Line badging.

New VW Golf R Mk7 facelift

The potent Golf R remains mostly unchanged under the skin but features revised looks to bring it in line with the rest of the Golf range. New LED headlights, brakelights and redesigned bumpers give it a cleaner, more modern look while the outgoing car’s sporty lowered suspension and numerous R badges have been carried over unchanged.

New VW Golf Mk7 facelift – price and release date

VW is yet to announce how much the facelifted Golf will cost but, in light of its many new standard features and upgraded engines, we expect it to cost slightly more across the range than the outgoing version.

When it goes on sale in early 2017, entry-level models could cost more than £18,000 while high-spec GTI and R versions will probably set you back in the region of £28,000 and £32,000 respectively.

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VW Golf Mk7 facelift – complete guide (updated October 2016)

VW hopes a thorough refresh for its ageing Mk7 Golf will keep this practical hatchback competitive until it’s replaced by an all-new Mk8 model in 2017. A number of cosmetic tweaks and a heavily revised interior are on the cards when this facelifted car is launched in early November 2016.

Before this updated version goes on sale, many VW dealers may be keen to offer progressively bigger discounts on the outgoing model – view these offers on our VW Golf deals page or check out our car chooser tool if you’re not sure what to buy.

The R Touch Concept’s interior, shown here, is expected to inspire the new Golf’s cabin…

VW has confirmed the updated Golf will receive high-tech features borrowed from the Golf R Touch concept, shown above. An advanced 12.8-inch infotainment system will replace the outgoing car’s 6.5-inch unit and will reportedly boast new gesture controls – a first in the family hatchback segment.

Numerous sensors dotted around the Golf’s cabin will monitor specific hand movements and alter the stereo volume, change the heater temperature and even open the sunroof accordingly.

This new tech has given VW the opportunity to rid the Golf of as many physical controls and knobs as possible. An almost button-less cabin will give the new car a modern paired-back feel but could make some features tricky to use on the move.

A new 9.5-inch digital display will replace analogue instruments on the upcoming Golf’s dashboard. This feature – expected to be standard on range-topping cars – will allow you to quickly switch between viewing conventional dials, sat nav directions and various vehicle info in a similar manner to Audi’s Virtual Cockpit system.

New VW Golf Mk7 facelift price and release date

No official prices have been announced for the upcoming Golf facelift but we expect details to be released when the car is revealed in early November 2016. The raft of new tech on offer could make it slightly more expensive across the range than the outgoing car. As a result, we expect the new Golf to cost at least £18,000 for entry-level cars while range-topping models could cost close to £30,000.

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New VW Golf MK7 facelift – complete guide (updated August 2016)

The current Volkswagen Golf is a common sight on UK roads – as familiar to modern motorists as a traffic jam or a monster pothole. Leaked images, courtesy of, show a facelifted model that should keep the ageing hatchback looking fresh until an all-new mk8 model arrives in 2017.

These grainy pictures show the new car in a number of different guises – from a rather plain Golf Estate to a full-fat GTI hot hatch. Read on for everything we know so far…

The new Golf (right) looks remarkably similar to the outgoing model (left)…

Immediately obvious are the new Golf’s revised headlights with their distinctive C-shaped inserts – these redesigned units could now be fitted with LED technology. The car’s basic silhouette remains unchanged but the front bumper has lost its body-coloured central hoop in favour of a full-width air intake between the fog lights. The Golf Estate boasts similar styling tweaks but its boxy body appears otherwise identical to the current model.

This particularly pixelated image suggests the new Golf’s rear will sport two large exhaust tips and a pair of large red reflectors mounted on a more angular rear bumper. Neither its subtle rear spoiler nor large rear windscreen have been altered, however.

The GTI will benefit from a number of cosmetic nips and tucks, too. The black trim pieces beside its gaping mouth will be made more pronounced and its headlights will feature curvy red detailing to match the stripe across its grille. Chunky side skirts, large alloy wheels and plentiful GTI badging will complete the hot hatch’s new look.

When it goes on sale, we expect this new Golf to be offered with the same selection of efficient 1.6 and 2.0-litre diesel engines and 1.0 and 1.4-litre petrol units as the current model. Extra equipment – including a digital instrument display and gesture control – will be offered across the Golf range, however.

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