2017 VW Polo price, specs and release date

Volkswagen will launch an all-new Polo for 2018 to help the German brand keep pace with rivals – including the upcoming Ford Fiesta replacement – in the hotly contested supermini segment. Our exclusive render shows what it could look like.

Thanks to a chassis shared with the current generation Golf, the new Polo will come with a range of upgraded engines and could, in the future, be offered as both a hybrid and a fully electric vehicle, too.

Is this how the new VW Polo (right) will compare to the old model?

Our exclusive render shows the new, larger, Polo sporting a heavily revised front bumper with more angular, headlights. The old model’s simple full-width grille now boasts curved daytime running lights and a pair of body-coloured fins mounted below two contrasting black trim pieces.

The VW badge sits within a modified grille with chromed slats in place of the old model’s plain black elements. Such small changes might not set the world alight but, in the ultra-competitive supermini segment, subtle premium touches can help a car nose ahead of its rivals in terms of desirability.

Both the three and five-door variants will be slightly larger than the outgoing car – its longer wheelbase should ensure the Polo retains its excellent rear passenger space, top-notch driving position and decent headroom, too. The cabin will be redesigned to feel more upmarket than the current model thanks to a new infotainment system – borrowed from the Golf – and a raft of extra equipment.

The new car should make use of the VW Up’s 74hp three-cylinder engine that could, thanks to a few choice upgrades, produce as much as 113hp. A selection of new 1.5-litre diesel units will also be offered with the choice of either a manual or a DSG automatic gearbox.

New VW Polo price, specs and release date

The new Polo’s larger size and greater standard equipment will mean that, when it goes on sale in late 2017, it could cost slightly more than the outgoing model. Entry-level versions could set you back as much as £12,000 – approximately £500 more than the current generation.

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New VW Polo price, specs and release date (updated July 2016)

Volkswagen is readying a replacement for the ever-popular Polo supermini. It can’t come soon enough for the German giants  the current model has slipped behind the class leaders and, with a new Ford Fiesta soon to be released, the Polo will need to be on top form to stay at the front of the class. Here’s what we know about the new car so far…

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Expect the new Polo to be a similar size to the old model (left) with styling inspired by the T-ROC Concept (right)

New VW Polo styling

Much like the current car, we’re not expecting anything too radical from the next Polo on the outside. Living up to its reputation as one of the classier options in the supermini segment, the Polo is likely to offer a Golf-esque appearance, with sharper body creases and more intricate detailing setting the new model apart.

Overall dimensions should remain similar to the current model, but the wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels) should increase by a significant amount, giving a squarer wheel-at-each-corner stance and permitting more interior space without taking up more space on the road.

The new Polo will have a noticeably more upmarket cabin than the old model (shown)

New VW Polo interior

The benefits to that extended wheelbase should become most obvious in the cabin – it should allow Volkswagen engineers as much as an extra 90mm to play with inside, significantly improving legroom for rear passengers – a traditional supermini weak spot.

It’s possible that the quality of interior plastics will take a step forward compared to the current Polo, too. Infotainment displays measuring up to 9.5 inches will be lifted from its Golf big brother, while safety kit including lane assist and automatic cruise control are potential options for high-spec versions.

The new model promises more cabin space than the outgoing one (shown)

New VW Polo driving and engines

The new Polo is set to ride on the VW Group’s versatile MQB platform. Used in cars as dissimilar as the Audi TT Roadster and the Skoda Superb Estate, it’ll enable the Polo to benefit from a huge range of engines (both petrol and diesel) and gearboxes. The bulk of the petrol-powered range should be filled with different versions of the 1.0-litre unit already used across both the Up and the Golf ranges.

The little three-cylinder motor will kick off the range with a model matching the Up’s 74hp output, while turbocharged options are likely to produce up to 113hp. New 1.5-litre units, both petrol and diesel, will replace the larger options of the existing Polo range, and a choice of manual and DSG automatic gearboxes are almost certain to be offered.

New VW Polo prices and release date

With a mid-to-late 2017 release date, the new Polo could make its debut several months after the next-gen Fiesta. The jump in quality and equipment levels means the new car is expected to command a slightly higher asking price  we predict base models will cost from a little over £12,000.

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