Volkswagen’s Nostalgic Beetle GSR Now Available

Harking back to the classic 1973 Beetle GSR (Gelbe-Schwarze Renner – yellow and black racer), Volkswagen’s 2013 Beetle GSR has gone on sale – and in very exclusive numbers.

With just 3,500 examples of the original car made, VW have opted to limit the run of GSRs to the same number and just 100 of those will be coming to British shores.

As covered when we reported on the car’s announcement back in February, the GSR sports a few upgrades over the base 2.0 TSI model on which it’s based.

The garish paintwork aside – though VW will allow you to tone it down and order the yellow-black racer inexplicably in platinum grey) – the Beetle packs a unique yellow-accented interior and external R-Line bodykit with GSR badging, while adding a black roof and black mirrors to the original’s paint scheme.

Each GSR also comes with a numbered plaque.

Power is up too, from 197hp to 207hp – a far cry from the original’s 49hp – though from May 1st all 2.0 TSI Beetles will receive the same engine update. That’s enough for a 0-62mph sprint of 7.3s and 142mph while returning 38.7mpg.

To snare one of the hundred UK examples will set you back 24,900, with the optional DSG six-speed gearbox putting another 1,500 on the price.

Price: 24,900 (26,400 with DSG), limited to 100 units

Available: Order now, delivery in September


Volkswagen isn’t at all afraid to play the retro card with the latest Beetle, and the 70s-themed GSR follows on immediately from the 50s, 60s and 70s convertible special editions.

The yellow paintwork and black stripes are about as retro as it gets and sure to be eye-catching out on the roads – just like the original.

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