The world's hardest F1 quiz - by carwow

We've created the ultimate F1 quiz. Pastor Maldonado is more likely to finish a race than you are to get full marks.

When you inevitably fail, just refresh the page and have another go. Share it with your friends and finally solve the age old debate of who knows more about Formula 1.

Think you’d do better in a quiz about road cars? Try the world’s hardest car quiz – and trust us, it lives up to its name.

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Special thanks to: @PirelliSport, @NeilJamesF1, JackLeslieF1, BadgerGP and Joe Saward for contributing devilishly hard questions.

You can follow them all on Twitter here: @PirelliSport, @NeilJamesF1, @JackLeslieF1, @BadgerGP and @joesaward

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