Frequently asked questions

What is carwow?

carwow is the new way of buying cars in Britain. A better way. One where you get to see upfront offers from the best dealers in the UK, without the hassle or haggle.

It’s turned the traditional way of car buying on it’s head - no more awkward negotiating on the dealership forecourt, you tell us the car you want and we get dealers to compete over you.

We send you up to 5 offers within 24 hours from the best-rated dealers in Britain. Dealers offer their best price from the get-go, so there is no need to haggle.

Your contact information is never shared with dealers, so you won’t be hassled by any unwanted sales calls.

Once you’ve received your deals, you can compare them by price, location of the dealership, and reviews of the dealer from other buyers.

All that’s left is to message your favourite dealers anonymously through the dashboard, or give them a call to buy directly.

Best of all it’s completely free whether you buy a car or not!

Why use carwow over walking into your local dealership?

Buying a new car should be exciting and enjoyable - so why does it usually feel like a chore?

At carwow, we know car buyers are sick of wasting hours travelling around dealerships, haggling over prices, and never knowing if you’re getting a good deal.

When you walk into your local dealer you deal with a salesperson on the showroom floor who is paid on commission, and the commission depends on the amount of profit they can get from you.

That’s where carwow comes in - we bypass this by working with senior managers who authorise big discounts through carwow. In return, we provide them with a large volume of sales which makes them very happy.

We’re committed to finding the best deals for our users, while providing an easy and enjoyable car-buying experience.

Why do I need to sign up to see the offers?

We notify you by email when your offers come in. Being able to log in to our system allows you to message the dealer back and forth anonymously without being hassled. We’ll also keep you updated about vital details like upcoming price rises on the car you’re looking at.

Dealers don’t want to publicly display all the details of their offers for the world to see, but they’re happy to offer carwow exclusive discounts privately to our high quality users who’ve signed up.

Are there any additional costs?

Never. The price you see is the price you pay and carwow will never charge you anything whether you end up buying or not!

The offers all include 12 months road tax, VAT and first registration fees.

See What do the offers include? to learn more.

What do the offers include?

All offers you receive on carwow are based on a factory order of the exact car you configured.

This is an On the Road price for a brand new, unregistered vehicle, including VAT, 12 months road tax, number plates, registration fee, full UK manufacturer warranty.

It’s no different to ordering from your local dealer, any current manufacturer finance offers apply and you can service your car at any main dealer.

There are no extra costs to pay and carwow never charge you anything, even if you end up buying a car. What you see is what you pay.

Are you a broker?

No! All we do is connect you with dealers while protecting your anonymity. We do not charge users for our services, and, if you decide to purchase the car, we are not involved at all in the transaction. You’ll buy directly from the dealership.

Who are the dealers on carwow?

carwow is building a large network of trusted, main UK dealers. All our dealers are manufacturer authorised and have showrooms you can visit - we may even have your local dealer!

We work with individual contacts at dealerships who are senior managers - they are the only ones that can offer the exclusive carwow discounts. You won’t get the same deal if you walk in and deal with showroom staff.

We only work with dealers who consistently offer great deals as well as excellent customer service to carwow users. There are loads of geeky ways that we track this, but all you need to know is that we only work with the best dealers!

You can read reviews for yourself of each dealer from previous customers.

Why is my local dealer not on carwow?

Chances are they can’t commit to the level of discount and service we expect from them. We only want to work with the best dealers who are responsive to our users and can get them a great deal.

If you know anyone who might like to benefit from more sales, let them know about us!

How do you determine which dealers send out offers?

We always make sure that you receive the best price possible from our dealer network, regardless of where you are located.

You’ll also always receive an offer from the closest dealers to you.

How do I know the dealer will honour the carwow offer?

It’s extremely rare that a dealer doesn’t honour an offer. This will generally only happen because the manufacturer has suddenly decided to change the pricing.

Manufacturer price changes happen roughly on a quarterly basis and we try to keep you updated about them well before they happen!

Why should I consider a dealer that’s further away?

Buying a brand new car from a dealership that’s further away is just as safe as buying from your local dealer. Your manufacturer warranty will cover you anywhere and you can get your car serviced at any dealership. Loyalty doesn’t give you any advantages.

Most of our dealers will allow you to do all the paperwork electronically and have the car delivered so you never have to set foot in the showroom.

However some dealerships have a group policy that finance documents need to be signed on the premises, or that the car has to be collected in person. In this case it’s up to you to decide whether the deal is worth travelling for, which it may very well be!

See Do I get the same warranty? and Where can I get my car serviced?

Do I get the same warranty?

Yes. As you’re buying directly from an official UK dealer, your new car will have a full UK warranty.

You can have your car serviced at absolutely any other UK main dealer and since dealers make most of their money from servicing, they’ll welcome you in!

If you buy a service pack then this too can be used at any dealer.

Where can I get my car serviced?

You can get your car serviced at any main UK dealer.

This means you can use your local dealer for servicing and warranty work, and since dealers make most of their money from servicing, they’ll welcome you in!

There’s no need to worry about being treated any differently because you didn’t buy your car from them originally. You deal with a different department when you book your car in for servicing anyway.

If you buy a service pack, then this too can be used at any dealership.

Can I get this offer from a more local branch of the same dealership?

carwow doesn’t partner with dealerships as a whole but with individual senior contacts at a specific dealership.

This means you’re very unlikely to be able to get anywhere near the same deal.

See Why use carwow over walking into your local dealership? for more on why we’re a better way to buy your new car.

I’ve got a great offer on the car I want, now what?

Congratulations! Simply go ahead and place the order for your new car with the carwow dealer you’ve been interacting with - remember to share your carwow offer ID. Either visit them in their showroom so that you can meet them face-to-face, or give them a call.

Once you’ve confirmed your order, you’ll put down a small deposit directly with the dealer (around £250-£500, depending on the value of the car) by debit or credit card to secure your new car. You can choose to do this over the phone from the comfort of your home or visit their showroom - it’s up to you.

The dealer will then send you a receipt and a confirmed order form and will keep in touch until delivery or collection is due.

The remainder of the balance is paid directly to the dealer by bank transfer or cheque upon collection of the car, or when it’s delivered to you. Any finance documents are signed at the same time.

All that’s left is to sit back and wait for your shiny new car to arrive!

Why are some offers better than others?

The discounts the dealers give depend on how many cars they want to sell. Some dealers choose to focus on specific models so give a big discount on those models.

Some versions of cars such as special editions are already heavily discounted by the manufacturer so dealers can’t offer much of a discount on these. Similarly if a brand new car has just come out, dealers won’t always give large discounts straight away.

Why are some of my offers similar?

Offers can occasionally be similar since our dealers agree to a certain percentage discount off the RRP of a car, and the dealers are simply giving you the best percentage discount they can do.

How do I get a finance quote?

If you’d like a finance quote, just message or call the dealer, telling them the type of finance you’d like. You’ll need to give them the following details in your initial enquiry so you can get a quote as soon as possible:

Your deposit

Your annual mileage

The time you’d like the finance to run

Any manufacturer finance deals apply, and on some models there are additional savings from taking finance in the form of deposit contributions.

My local dealer is offering low rate finance/interest free credit/free insurance, do dealers on carwow offer this?

Yes! These offers are generally made by the manufacturer directly, not the local dealer, so are available nationally.

Dealers on carwow will also be able to give these and will generally even have a better deal for you, so it’s definitely worth getting in touch to see what they can do for you.

How do I find out what cars are available for quick delivery?

If you’d like a car quickly you can get in touch with our dealers to see what they’ve got in stock that matches your requirements.

Be aware that stock cars change very quickly so it’s worth giving them a call to find out what they’ve got available and what discounts they can do for you.

How do I get offers on a different car

Simply log in and either head to the homepage to start configuring your new car, or click Your Offers in the blue menu bar, and +NEW.

You can configure the same make and model with different options, or build a completely new car, it’s totally up to you.Please do try getting offers on as many cars as you like!

Why don’t you cover all manufacturers?

We’re still rolling out over the coming months to cover all manufacturers. New dealers are added all the time as we scour the country looking for the best dealers.

Do carwow dealers accept part-exchange?

Yes, most of our dealers can offer part-exchange. Just get in touch with them to see what they can do for you.

Take a look at our handy selling your old car page for some tips, it may be better not to part-exchange, but to sell it in a different way!

What’s the best way to sell my old car?

We’ve got a whole guide on this on our selling your old car page, take a look!

How long are my offers valid for?

Dealers will honour your offer as long as the manufacturer hasn’t had a price rise. This happens on a roughly quarterly basis.

If you come back after a long period of time it may be worth reconfiguring your car to see if there are any better discounts available as dealers change their discounts all the time.

After 4 months your offers will be archived automatically and you’ll need to reconfigure the car to get new ones.

What if I messaged a dealer and haven’t received a response?

We’re sorry to hear this! We know dealers are busy but we do require them to meet certain standards.

If a dealer hasn’t responded within 48 hours of you contacting them, do let us know so we can find out why this is and give them a nudge.

We only want to work with the best dealers so we really appreciate you getting in touch.

Phoning or requesting a call can sometimes be more effective than messaging them, so you could also try this.

How does carwow make money?

We charge dealers based on the volume of sales that we provide them. We never charge you anything, whether you buy a car through us or not!

What's the catch?

There is no catch! We’re passionate about helping people buy their new car without the usual hassle.

The dealers we work with are able to offer great deals in return for the volume of sales & high quality customers we provide them. The prices you see are the prices you pay.

We’ve had thousands of happy customers, see what they have to say on independent review site Trustpilot

Who’s behind carwow?

We’re a small but growing team based in Holborn, London. We’re passionate about creating the best possible way to buy a new car.

You can see more about us on our team page.

See How can I contact you? to find out the best ways to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

How can I contact you?

Easily! Either email us on, call 0800 808 5885 or chat live with a member of carwow support by clicking on the button in the bottom left of your screen.

We’re always happy to hear from you!