13 ways we’ve enhanced our daily online auctions

January 04, 2024 by Jack Burrows

It’s our mission to build the best online platform for dealers to source stock and we've got increasingly game changing plans for 2024. Here’s just 13 of the many developments we’ve already introduced to our daily online auctions to increase transparency and convenience for you.

1. Improved visibility of any damages and vehicle condition

We enhanced the way we capture any damage from sellers and upgraded the condition report displayed in listings. Each section of the vehicle is split out, with photos, simplified descriptions and sizing of damages to give you more transparent information.

"Love the damage updates that are now on Carwow listings. Very clear and in a great format" Dealer feedback

2. Increased coverage of listings with service history images

We introduced numerous changes to the upload process for sellers and made it easier for you to view within the listing. The majority of listings now include service history that have been uploaded by the seller and quality checked by us. 

3. Introduced round the clock bidding

To give you even more flexibility and convenience, you can now place your bids from 5pm the night before any of our six daily online auctions every week. So wherever you are, whether it's the office or elsewhere, you can place your bids then get on with your day. 

4. Launched document collection service

To save you time when collecting sellers’ documents, we’ll handle that for you. We’ll check the vehicle has all the required documents for you to complete the purchase and keep you in the loop. 

5. Released LCVs into our auctions

Why should cars have all the fun? Based on popular demand, we unlocked our auctions for LCV’s and have already put 1000s of them onto dealers' forecourts nationwide. 

6. Ramped up our transportation service

Don’t have the time or resources to collect vehicles from sellers? No problem, we can collect the vehicle on your behalf and deliver it directly to your forecourt. You’ll still get time to physically inspect the vehicle before purchasing.  

7. Automated vehicle history checks

We partnered with Motorcheck to provide more detailed checks. It means that any vehicles with undesirable accident history are automatically rejected. And any vehicles previously used as taxis, military etc are clearly flagged to ensure you have full transparency.

8. Personalised stock recommendations 

To help you find the stock you want faster, we developed a tool powered by a combination of your bidding history and AI to show you stock that's personally recommended for you. The more you bid, the smarter and more relevant it gets.

9. Helped you find reduced price stock faster

Another great time saver and quick way to grab a bargain. You can now filter specifically for vehicles that have been reduced in price.

10. Highlighted vehicles owned for less than 3 months

Dealer partners told us that any vehicles listed that have been owned for less than 3 months can require a closer look. So we introduced a flag in the listing to flag any vehicles that fit this criteria. 

11. Integrated MOT information 

The mileage included by some sellers was less than what was clocked in the vehicles most recent MOT. So we integrated MOT information to prevent sellers from entering a mileage that is less than the most recent MOT.

12. Changed bidding increments based on vehicle value

More dealer feedback highlighted that the default £50 bidding increment can be frustrating depending on the value of the vehicle. “It’s annoying being in £50 battles on an £80k car”. And for lower value vehicles, too much - “£50 increments can be 5-10% of the vehicle's value”. So we’ve introduced a tiered system meaning that bids for vehicles under £1,000 will increase in increments of £25, whilst bids for vehicles over £50,000 will increase by increments of £250. We’ve also changed the increment amounts for vehicles valued between £1,000-£50,000. Please note, this only applies for vehicles listed in our 2nd chance auctions. 

13. Launched a dealer referral program

We like to reward our dealer partners that help us grow. You and the dealer you refer both get £200 buying credit each. The more you refer, the more credit you get back, giving you even greater savings on fresh, high quality stock.

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