Did you hear about the break up?

February 14, 2024 by Fraser Coupland

This February, we’re asking drivers to break up with their cars to bring even more quality stock to our dealer partners in our daily auctions.

Carwow wouldn’t be Carwow without a dependable flow of quality stock to our auctions. That’s why we’ve invested in an out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign to bring dealers even more quality stock this year. We’ll also be reaching sellers through our digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, email marketing and on-site.

The idea? Get consumers to ‘break up’ with their cars. 

Like everything we do, this campaign is built on insights. People decide to end things with their car for all sorts of reasons. From selling to upgrade to a new car to selling because they no longer need a vehicle, it’s not why you sell that’s important – it’s how

“For many motorists, selling a car has been an emotional, angst-ridden process; much like a break-up.” Says our CMO, Ben Carter. 

“We’ve already helped over 2.5m people change their cars (whether that be selling or buying) so what better place to reassure customers that changing cars is [...] easy.”

So forget Valentine’s Day – this February and beyond, keep an eye out for our ads as we bring dealers even more fresh stock by getting the public to break up with their cars. 

Tubes, trains, roadside and bus stops – reaching UK drivers wherever they are

The ads will drive awareness among new and existing audiences and get them to choose Carwow next time they want to sell a car

It’s also the first campaign we’ve run since our rebrand at the end of 2023 – so we’re painting the town blue to get the rebrand out into the world, with a healthy dose of our new (and improved) tone of voice too.

“We know there are plenty of good reasons for sellers to break up with quality cars.” Says Sally Foote, CCO of Sell My Car. “Over a third (38%) of motorists sell to upgrade to a bigger or better car that suits changing needs and lifestyle requirements, while a quarter (25%) sell because they no longer need it.”

“That means more fresh quality stock for dealers in our daily online auctions.” 

With all these breakups on the horizon, make sure you’re keeping an eye out for the single cars in your area...

While we’re talking about relationships…

We’ve just got into a new one with Autovia, the parent company of well-loved brands like AutoExpress, EVO, carbuyer and more - which reaches 15 million car owners every month.

“We’re super-excited about the Autovia team joining the Carwow family as combining these well-respected and much-loved publishing brands with our marketplace, enabling even more people to change their cars with the Carwow Group.” Commented John Veichmanis, Carwow CEO. 

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