Carwow is changing

November 30, 2023 by Ben Carter

With new competitors, operating models and fuel types, the automotive industry never stops evolving, and neither do we. So I'm delighted to introduce you to a comprehensive new global rebrand that will help supercharge our ability to help connect you with more in-market car buying and selling audiences.

While we started out as a new car price comparison site, we're no longer just the UK's #1 new car destination. Customers can now choose between new & used cars on Carwow. Dealers can source quality stock in our game changing daily online auctions, putting over 115,000 used cars worth a combined £1.5 billion back onto dealers forecourts.

Carwow: for life-changing moments

Lots of companies enable people to buy or sell cars. We’re different; we’re a destination where people can change cars. The best insights always come from listening to your customers, and it was clear from speaking to hundreds of drivers every month that it’s often life-changing moments that lead to us changing our cars.

For the automotive industry, we think car changing signals a move forward. For customers, it’s often about transformation – a car change is often due to a big life event whether that’s having children, downsizing, taking a new job or moving house.

Helping our partners never miss a car change

Millions of people visit us every month to help them research, buy or sell, new or used. We have big ambitions for 2024 and along with the expansion of our product offering, this new look is a natural evolution that better reflects how we operate as a business today.

We’ve seen that our new identity and positioning really resonates with consumers and we’re confident that’ll translate into more enquiries to our dealer and OEM partners. So, whether you’re looking to source fresh stock, accelerate new and used sales or achieve brand goals, we’ve got the audience, the technology, and the insight to help the industry never miss a car change.

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