Top 10 updates since we launched our game-changing daily auctions

May 30, 2024 by Jack Burrows

When we acquired Wizzle three years ago, our car-selling process looked very different. Private sellers answered a few questions about their car’s general condition and only had to upload a minimum of one photo. The listing then went straight into the dealer site for our dealer partners to view and bid on.

Since then, we’ve made some massive changes to better serve our dealer partners, putting over 145,000 vehicles back onto dealer forecourts with low buyers fees. We aim to continually streamline the entire process, boost buyer confidence, and ensure healthy profit margins — all while increasing the volume of relevant vehicles available. We’ve grown from a few hundred cars available a month to over 17,000 each month. 

Some may say we’re now out of the terrible twos, and into the thriving threes! The truth is we’re always working to improve the experience for our partners, so check out these top 10 game-changing enhancements we’ve made to our auctions from infancy to now…

1. Pre-qualification

We now contact every seller to set a realistic price and check the information provided in the listing. This ensures that the listings are accurate and reliable right from the get-go.

2. Photo upload experience

We added a ‘ghost’ photo guide to improve the consistency of images on the site. This tool helps sellers take better, more uniform photos, making it easier for dealers like you to assess the vehicles.

3. Enhanced vehicle checks with Motorcheck

We partnered with Motorcheck to provide more detailed checks. Any vehicles with undesirable accident history are automatically rejected, and any vehicles previously used as taxis, military, emergency services etc are clearly flagged for full transparency.

4. Detailed damage and condition reporting

We improved how we capture and display damage information. Each vehicle section is now detailed with photos, simplified descriptions, and damage sizing, giving you more transparent information. Most listings now include service history, uploaded by the seller and quality checked by us.

5. Document collection

To save you time when collecting sellers’ documents, we’ll handle that for you. We’ll check the vehicle has all the required documents for you to complete the purchase and keep you in the loop.

6. Ramped up our Carwow Collects service

Pressed for time or resources to collect vehicles from sellers? No problem! We can collect and deliver the vehicle directly to your forecourt, giving you time to inspect it physically before purchase.

7. Increased stock volumes including LCVs

Why should cars have all the fun? Based on popular demand, we unlocked our auctions for LCV’s and have already put 1000s of them onto dealers' forecourts nationwide.

8. Personalised stock recommendations 

To help you find the stock you want faster, we developed a tool powered by a combination of your bidding history and A.I. to show you stock that's personally recommended for you. The more you bid, the smarter and more relevant it gets.

9. Advisory status

We know advisories can be costly. We now ask sellers the status of the advisory and whether it has been fixed. This helps avoid any nasty surprises!

10. Buy with confidence with BuySafe

Carwow BuySafe protects you from major repair costs associated with pre-existing issues or issues that may arise after you have taken delivery of a vehicle for just £59. Game-changing in your world of profit-making.

OK, we know this is a Top 10 but we've saved the best until extra last...

10. Launched our daily auctions with round-the-clock bidding

To give you even more flexibility and convenience,you can now place your bids from 5pm the night before any of our six daily online auctions every week. So wherever you are, whether it's the office or the beach (we wish), you can place your bids then get on with your day.

Do you have an idea for a product development you’d love to see in our auctions? We’re all ears.

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