New Toyota FT-3e concept revealed: eye-catching electric SUV previews next-gen tech

October 25, 2023 by

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This is the new Toyota FT-3e concept. It’s an electric SUV that previews the futuristic styling and next-generation technology that will feature on upcoming Toyotas. Read on to know more.

  • New Toyota FT-3e electric SUV concept revealed
  • Clean design for aerodynamic efficiency
  • Digital displays for the exterior
  • New battery tech should mean massive range
  • Software can be constantly updated
  • Not going on sale for now

Toyota has revealed a new electric SUV concept called FT-3e. Although it doesn’t preview a specific future model, it showcases the technology and design elements that will be seen on Toyota’s upcoming cars. That means advanced connectivity, and new battery technology and designs that will increase range.

New Toyota FT-3e design

Although the FT-3e’s styling looks pretty out-there compared with current Toyotas, it’s actually designed to be clean and simple to improve air flow over the bodywork. Less drag means improved efficiency and longer range.

There are full-width light bars at the front and rear, and blocky creases in the side. You’ll also notice some vents in the bonnet that appear to direct air over the steeply raked windscreen towards a funky split spoiler on the roof.

This being a concept, there needs to be some weirdness, and that comes in the form of digital displays that run down the side of the bodywork and display information such as the battery’s state of charge or the interior temperature.

New Toyota FT-3e interior

Things are a touch more conventional inside – but only a touch. You have a round steering wheel with an instrument display ahead, flanked by a small screen to the left where you select your gear, and to the right is a place to mount your phone. There’s also a landscape-mounted touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard.

The futuristic aspect comes from a display beneath the windscreen that displays relevant information – in the images here you can see your sat nav destination, arrival time and speed.

Either side of this are the rear-view displays, indicating cameras in place of traditional wing mirrors, but they are not visible on the outside.

Other than the displays there appears to be little else but the basics inside, with the minimalist design giving it a light and airy feel, and helping to keep weight low.

New Toyota FT-3e motors and batteries

Toyota has not confirmed any details about what could be powering the FT-3e, other than to say it’s electric.

However, the Japanese firm recently announced its next-generation battery technology would begin production in 2026, so it’s likely any cars that spin off from this concept will use the new technology.

If all goes to plan, that could mean a range of around 400 to 500 miles, with faster recharging than is possible in its current electric vehicle, the Toyota bZ4X. And because the new batteries are not as tall as current designs, cars can be lower and more efficient, further maximising range.

Can you buy the Toyota FT-3e?

Not yet, and it’s unlikely you will be able to buy the FT-3e in its current form at all. However, its design previews what we can expect from other Toyota models in the future, both inside and out, so expect a clean exterior and minimalist interior to become the norm. This is likely to coincide with the introduction of the new battery technology around 2026.

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