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Small cars are an ideal choice for those living in built up areas where squeezing into a parking space can be tricky. They’re also great for nipping in and out of gaps in traffic and offering driving lessons to grunting teenage offspring. There are loads of tempting lease deals to be had on small cars through carwow to suit all budgets.

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Have you considered getting GAP insurance for your next lease car?

carwow has partnered with MotorEasy to provide GAP insurance. GAP insurance covers the difference between the amount you owe on your car if you have a leasing agreement, and the amount an insurance company would give you if your car is declared a total loss or write-off. This can protect you financially from a shortfall of potentially thousands of pounds. MotorEasy is offering a 15% discount to all carwow customers who take out GAP insurance with them.

How leasing works on carwow

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Use carwow to browse and compare leasing deals. Once you've found the perfect deal, contact the dealer for a personalised quote.

Contact the dealer

When you're happy with the car and the quote, you'll apply for Contract Hire finance. Once approved by the leasing company the dealer can order your new car.

Take delivery

Once everything's signed, you'll be notified of a delivery date. Then simply relax and wait for your new car to arrive at your door!

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Small car lease FAQs

Leasing your small car comes with the benefit of a lower monthly payment than you’re likely to get with a traditional finance purchase. You also don’t have to worry about depreciation, as you never own the car.

The highest rated small car on carwow is the Volkswagen Polo. This smart looking supermini does it all, it’s comfortable, practical, well built and economical. Throw in the generous standard equipment list and you’re onto a winner really.

To help you choose the right compact car for you, here's our pick of the best small cars on the market right now.

Once your lease deal ends, you simply hand the car back to the lease provider. You can then either start again with a new car and a new contract, or walk away.

Assuming you haven’t exceeded your mileage allowance and there’s no damage beyond normal wear and tear, you shouldn’t have any additional fees to pay.

For more information, read our guide on what happens at the end of a car lease.

There is usually a fine for going over your mileage allowance. This will vary between providers, however it is usually paid in pence-per-mile over the agreed limit.

carwow is here to help you through the car leasing process. Not sure which car is right for you? The car chooser can help you find a car to suit your needs.

Once you’ve settled on the right model, you can compare the best offers our trusted dealers have to offer. No haggling, and all from the comfort of your home.

You can find more information about leasing a car through carwow in this handy guide.