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Improved savings on the Volvo XC40 – see it for yourself on 22 February

The Volvo XC40 is a stylish rival to the Audi Q2, and in many ways, it’s the better car. It’s also available with decent savings off RRP but that’s not all – Volvo dealers across the country are holding XC40 launch events on 22 February, so give your local dealer a call through carwow to get your name on the list! Click the green button below to see how much you could save off this sparkling new Swedish SUV.

Suzuki Saturday is back!

On Saturday 17 February you’ll get an extra £500 off any Suzuki model – you just need to place your order on Saturday. Click the green button below to see all Suzuki models on sale and to configure yours for even more savings.

Save on the new Tiguan Allspace

Like the Tiguan but need seven seats? The Tiguan Allspace is exactly that – it’s a longer version of the Tiguan with an extra pair of seats in the boot. It’s also available with some great savings off RRP, helping bring it closer to the price of its main rival, the Skoda Kodiaq. Click the green button below to configure yours and find out how much you can save.

Get a Focus RS for less

The latest version of the Ford Focus RS is a seriously fast four-wheel-drive hot hatch that even has a drift mode for sliding around racetracks like a rally driver. Best of all, it’s now available with some of the best-ever savings off RRP. Click the green button below to configure yours and find out how much you can save.

Big savings on VW Passat GTE hybrids

The VW Passat GTE is a hybrid version of the German brand’s large posh saloon. You can get some cracking savings on the list price by buying through carwow – just click the green button below to configure yours.

Upgrade your Volvo and save money

If you’re a happy Volvo owner then you can save extra money by upgrading to a new XC90. The Swedish company is offering an extra £3,600 towards your finance deposit on top of any other saving you can get – so now is a great time to get your own comfy and spacious XC90.

Better deposit contribution on Mazda CX-5

Want a family SUV that’s sporty and enjoyable to drive on a twisty road? The Mazda CX-5 is now available with an extra £1,000 added to the deposit contribution you’d get from Mazda, taking it up to £1,500.

Save extra on Mercedes SUVs

The Mercedes GLC and GLA are now more affordable than ever thanks to increased savings. There’s an extra £1,100 discount on GLC models and an extra £450 on GLA models – that’s on top of the existing savings. AMG models are excluded from the extra discount.

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Excellent XC60 savings

The Volvo XC60 is a truly lovely family SUV – we’ve been driving one for six months and have fallen for its comfy, practical and stylish charms. You can now get your very own one for less, thanks to Volvo Finance offering £1,000 contribution towards your XC60 finance deposit. This seductive Scandinavian saving is available until 31 March.

Extra money off the VW Golf – including GTI and R models

Volkswagen is offering £1,500 towards your finance deposit on all Golf models except the hybrid GTE. This means you can slip into the standard – but certainly not common – Golf, the sporty Golf GTI, or even the truly rapid Golf R for far less than you’d expect.

Get an Audi Q2 or Q5 for less

The Audi Q2 and Q5 are more afforable than ever thanks to extra deposit contributions from Audi. The friendly German brand will give you £850 towards the deposit on a Q2 and £1,000 towards your Q5 if you take out finance.

Hot petrol Yaris savings

The Toyota Yaris is a bold small car that’s well worth a look if you’re after a new city runabout. Toyota has just increased its deposit contribution on petrol Yaris models to £1,500 – so now’s a great time to check one out.


Amazing Jaguar and Land Rover savings

You can save an extra £1,000 on finance deals across all Jaguar and Land Rover models until the end of the year! This is a brilliant deal for getting a classy British-built car on your driveway – note that it excludes the 2018 Range Rover and the Jaguar E-Pace.

That’s on top of great savings. Until 31 December you can get £1,500 deposit contribution from Land Rover on all Discovery Sport HSE trims. The discounts are even higher on the popular Evoque: there’s now £2,100 off HSE derivatives and up to £2,250 off top-spec Autobiography versions.
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Fancy an 18-plate car?

If you want to pick up your brand-new car when the new registrations come out on 1 March 2018, you need to think about ordering your car pretty soon. Some cars have long lead times, meaning it might be a while before it’s built and shipped to the UK.

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AVG. SAVING £9,389
RRP £18,745 - £31,270
One of the best electric hatchbacks on sale
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AVG. SAVING £3,427
RRP £12,445 - £20,995
Five-door supermini is cheap to run
Compare offers Read review
AVG. SAVING £3,016
RRP £11,370 - £18,675
Very capable, safe and well-made supermini
Compare offers Read review
AVG. SAVING £5,209
RRP £19,785 - £29,615
Cheap-to-run, practical SUV – a great Qashqai alternative
Compare offers Read review
AVG. SAVING £5,183
RRP £20,135 - £31,680
A family hatchback that's fun to drive
Compare offers Read review
AVG. SAVING £4,615
RRP £17,970 - £27,475
A sporty-yet-practical family car
Compare offers Read review
AVG. SAVING £4,610
RRP £18,195 - £25,695
Stylish family hatchback is great value
Compare offers Read review
AVG. SAVING £3,626
RRP £14,630 - £19,760
A cheap-to-run and stylish supermini
Compare offers Read review
AVG. SAVING £5,538
RRP £22,595 - £34,995
Roomy SUV with up-to-date tech
Compare offers Read review
AVG. SAVING £5,557
RRP £23,760 - £37,065
A comfortable SUV that’s easy to drive
Compare offers Read review
AVG. SAVING £3,110
RRP £13,410 - £19,300
Sharp-looking small car that’s spacious and practical
Compare offers Read review
AVG. SAVING £3,955
RRP £17,115 - £25,340
A class-leading, British-built hatchback
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Why can I get such good new car deals?

Manufacturers often discount cars for several reasons. There may be a newer model coming out in a few months, or dealers may have lots of a particular car in stock and will reduce prices to make space for other models. Or it may just be an unpopular car and its price can be cut to help it sell. Don’t confuse unpopular cars with bad cars however – a well-discounted car may not be selling like hot cakes, but it may be just the car for your needs.

How can I tell if I’m getting a good deal on a new car?

First of all, make sure you’re buying from a manufacturer-approved dealer, not via a 3rd party company or broker. This way you guarantee your car will come with a full UK warranty and can be serviced at any dealer in the country, regardless of where you bought it.

The price should include VAT, 12 months road tax, and all the options you specified. Also establish that the deal isn’t dependent on you paying in a certain way, some dealers may only offer a deal dependent on you buying in cash, or from taking their finance.

Ultimately, it’s hard to know whether you’re getting a good deal, unless you go and speak to lots of dealers to get a range of prices – that’s why we created carwow!

How does carwow get you the best new car deal?

carwow empowers the car buyer by making manufacturer-approved dealers come to you with their best deals. This means you can compare upfront prices from several dealers side by side, on as many cars as you like and in your own time.

Dealers can’t contact you, all offers are submitted through carwow so there’s no hassle from them. You can get in touch with dealers at anytime by messaging, calling or visiting them in person at the showroom.

If you choose to buy a car, you’ll do it directly from them.

Getting a great deal, from a trusted dealer

We strive to work with the best dealers and pride ourselves on their level of customer service. You can buy directly from them at the price they offer, with no hidden prices or games.

All dealers are reviewed and rated by past carwow users, so you can rest assured you’ll have a great buying experience.

How do I get a great finance deal on a new car?

On carwow we always show you the cash price as well as the finance price so it’s up to you how you want to pay.

All dealers on carwow are manufacturer authorised dealers, so they all have the same finance rates set by the manufacturer. This means whoever offers the lowest overall price, will also be cheapest per month.

To get a finance quote just message the dealer who’s offer you’re interested in, or give them a call, and you can get a custom quote back from them.

Save on average £3,600

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