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Week commencing 16 January 2017

Nissan Qashqai deals

The excellent Nissan Qashqai is one of the most popular family SUVs on sale in the UK. Until 31 January 2017, Nissan is offering an extra £750 contribution towards your Qashqai’s deposit – great news when you consider carwow can already offer a fantastic average saving of more than £4,500 across the range.

What’s more, Nissan will even include three years of free servicing when you buy which could net you around another £500 in savings. You’ll have to act quickly, however, because the offer is only available until 31 January 2017.

Honda CR-V and new Civic deals

The Qashqai isn’t the only family SUV seeing big savings this week. Honda has upped the ante for savings on the spacious CR-V by slapping an additional £500 saving across the range. This is on top of carwow’s already impressive £4,099 average saving throughout the CR-V range.

If the CR-V is just a little too bulky for you, or you want a car that’s closer to the cutting edge of technology, Honda has more good news in the shape of a £1,000 customer saving on petrol versions of the brand new Civic hatchback. Again, this is on top of carwow customers’ £800 average saving across the new Civic range.

VW Golf deals – save £6,000

The facelifted VW Golf is just around the corner so dealers are dropping prices on the outgoing model. You won’t miss out on too many extra goodies either – as we found in our Golf facelift new vs old article, the changes will be relatively minor.

Currently, average savings across the Golf range are huge but you’ll have to move quickly before the pre-facelift car goes off sale in the next week or so. The average saving for the normal Golf hatchback is £5,900, the sporty diesel Golf GTD is averaging £6,500 off and the Golf GTI a whopping £6,600.

It’s worth noting that you can’t factory order a Golf – you’ll have to buy a pre-existing car from a dealer’s stock to make these savings. You’re still getting a brand-new, unregistered car with full manufacturer warranty, but you may have to compromise a little on spec and colour.

Act fast to take advantage of these great deals. Configure a Nissan Qashqai, a Honda CR-V, a Honda Civic or a VW Golf to see the discounts carwow could help you get.

This week's best deals

AVG. SAVING £4,600
RRP £18,795 - £30,165
Compact SUV is a great family car
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AVG. SAVING £5,700
RRP £17,625 - £27,785
Proven family hatchback with a classy interior
Compare offers Read review
AVG. SAVING £4,600
RRP £23,275 - £36,710
Reliable, practical and economical SUV
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AVG. SAVING £6,300
RRP £26,955 - £29,390
Fast hatchback that's cheap to run
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RRP £18,235 - £27,480
Cheaper to run and more spacious as Civic guns for the mainstream
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AVG. SAVING £6,400
RRP £27,495 - £30,925
A practical, quick and exciting hatchback
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Why can I get such good new car deals?

Manufacturers often discount cars for several reasons. There may be a newer model coming out in a few months, or dealers may have lots of a particular car in stock and will reduce prices to make space for other models. Or it may just be an unpopular car and its price can be cut to help it sell. Don’t confuse unpopular cars with bad cars however – a well-discounted car may not be selling like hot cakes, but it may be just the car for your needs.

How can I tell if I’m getting a good deal on a new car?

First of all, make sure you’re buying from a manufacturer-approved dealer, not via a 3rd party company or broker. This way you guarantee your car will come with a full UK warranty and can be serviced at any dealer in the country, regardless of where you bought it.

The price should include VAT, 12 months road tax, and all the options you specified. Also establish that the deal isn’t dependent on you paying in a certain way, some dealers may only offer a deal dependent on you buying in cash, or from taking their finance.

Ultimately, it’s hard to know whether you’re getting a good deal, unless you go and speak to lots of dealers to get a range of prices – that’s why we created carwow!

How does carwow get you the best new car deal?

carwow empowers the car buyer by making manufacturer-approved dealers come to you with their best deals. This means you can compare upfront prices from several dealers side by side, on as many cars as you like and in your own time.

Dealer’s can’t contact you, all offers are submitted through carwow, so there’s no hassle from them. You can get in touch with dealers at anytime, by messaging, calling or visiting them in person at the showroom.

If you want to buy you do so directly from them.

Getting a great deal, from a trusted dealer

We strive to work with the best dealers and pride ourselves on their level of customer service. You can buy directly from them at the price they offer, with no hidden prices or games.

All dealers are reviewed and rated by past carwow users, so you can rest assured you’ll have a great buying experience.

How do I get a great finance deal on a new car?

On carwow we always show you the cash price as well as the finance price so it’s up to you how you want to pay.

All dealers on carwow are manufacturer authorised dealers, so they all have the same finance rates set by the manufacturer. This means whoever offers the lowest overall price, will also be cheapest per month.

To get a finance quote just message the dealer who’s offer you’re interested in, or give them a call, and you can get a custom quote back from them.

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