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While the average family five-door hatchback serves a practical purpose, there will always be a place in the market for the more handsome traditional silhouette of a saloon. Premium and luxury cars are often built as saloons, though there are still models available at much more reasonable budgets. We've got a selection of the best you will find on carwow.

Best luxury saloon cars

Luxury saloon cars have a wide remit. Not only do they need to be, er, luxurious, but also quiet on the move, comfortable to sit in and drive as well as packed with the latest features and technology. Naturally, all that will come at a price. We’ve pulled together a list of the luxury cars that do it best.

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Frequently asked questions about saloon cars

A saloon car has the traditional shape of the three boxes on wheels you drew as a kid. Box no1 is at the front where the engine is, box 2 is the cabin where the passengers sit and box 3 is the boot.

But that doesn’t mean saloon cars are simple or unsophisticated these days. The saloon car is the core model for premium car makers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Families may prefer the hatchback boot you get in, well hatchbacks and SUV cars, but the boots in the best saloon cars have wide openings and a good square shape that makes it relatively simple to get stuff in and out.

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