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Used Range Rover Evoque pros and cons

+ Looks smart outside

+ Looks classy inside

+ Great to drive on and off road

- Not particularly spacious

- Infotainment system is dated

- Thirsty petrol engine

Is a used Range Rover Evoque a good car?

It’s easy to dismiss the Range Rover Evoque as a fashion statement. But it’s actually a sleek and stylish alternative to the usual luxury SUV options from BMW, Mercedes and Audi that’s great off-road, too.

Despite being more than a decade old the design is still fresh, with proof of this being the fact that the 2018 refresh didn’t change the styling much. Inside it’s just as impressive, with a minimalist look that has stood the test of time. Unfortunately the infotainment system was considered poor at the time and hasn’t aged well.

There’s a good range of diesel and petrol engines. From 2016, a 180hp diesel offered improved fuel economy on older units, making it the pick of the bunch. Meanwhile, the 240hp petrol was updated in 2017 and could hit 40mpg, making it more desirable than the engine it replaced.

The seating position is great and the interior is generally spacious, but if you go for the three-door option the roof slopes more aggressively and limits rear seat headroom. It looks cooler than the five-door, though. Boot space is disappointing at 420 litres – you’ll get 130 litres extra in a BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC.

To drive, the Evoque sits between those two cars. It’s not as sharp in corners as the BMW, and isn’t quite as comfortable as the Mercedes. It’ll leave both in its dust if you head off-road, though.

What to look for when buying a second hand Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque is pretty reliable, but there are a few common issues. Being a premium car, repairs can be quite costly, so bear this in mind when budgeting running costs.

Typically, Evoques encounter electrical gremlins. If viewing a car, you should go through the interior and make sure everything works as it should. Switch every switch, press every button and turn every dial to see if anything plays up.

Keep an eye out for warning lights relating to diesel particulate filters on 2.0-litre diesel engines. This common issue can be fixed with newer Land Rover parts, but it’s an extra cost to consider.

You should also check the underside of the car for any damage. These models are decent off road so owners might have been tempted to find out just how good they are. If this is the case it’s not an immediate red flag, but look for any signs of damage, just in case.

Range Rover Evoque FAQs

The Range Rover Evoque has a fairly good reputation for reliability. There are some known issues to look out for, such as with the diesel particulate filter and electrics, but major issues are not common.

Cars registered after April 1, 2017 face the standard £165 per year vehicle tax rate. Check the original cost of the car you’re buying, because aside from the entry level trims, most Evoques face the premium for cars that cost more than £40,000, which is payable for five years from the second year of registration. This takes the annual cost up to £520.

For cars registered before April 1, 2017, the annual fee comes down to the emissions, meaning you’ll typically pay £180-plus.

The Range Rover Evoque was designed by Gerry McGovern, who is the chief creative officer at Jaguar Land Rover. Although Victoria Beckham had a small role in the creative process, largely around designing a special edition version, McGovern has since made it clear that she had gone off script when saying at the launch of the car: “I’ve designed a car that I want to drive.”

The Autobiography trim is the highest on the Evoque, offering an upgraded Meridian sound system, quilted leather upholstery and heated and cooled front seats.

The latest petrol engines tend to be the best compromise between running costs and performance, so are generally a good bet. Manual models offer better economy than automatics, and five-door versions are more practical for rear seat passengers. Finally, Autobiography models are expensive but well-equipped, while low-spec SE versions feel a bit cheap. Mid-spec HSE versions are a good place to start, budget-allowing.

The Range Rover Evoque is a good-looking, comfortable SUV with impressive off-road credentials. It is considered fairly reliable, but is let down a bit by boot space and running costs could be pricey. If you want something more fun to drive try the BMW X3, while the Mercedes GLC is more comfortable on long distance drives. The Evoque is the most stylish, though.

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