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Best used hot hatches of 2024

When it comes to combining smile-inducing performance with everyday usability, then a hot hatch is hard to beat. If you also want the best value for money, then take a look at some of the best used hot hatches you can buy today.

Honda Civic Type R

1. Honda Civic Type R (2016-2022)

Honda Civic Type R review
Toyota GR Yaris

2. Toyota GR Yaris (2020-present)

Toyota GR Yaris review
Audi S3 Sportback (2017-2020)

3. Audi S3 Sportback (2017-2020)

Audi S3 Sportback (2017-2020) review
BMW M135i

4. BMW M140i (2015-2019)

BMW M135i review
Ford Fiesta ST

5. Ford Fiesta ST (2017-2022)

Ford Fiesta ST review
Hyundai i30 N

6. Hyundai i30 N (2016-present)

Hyundai i30 N review
Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG (2015-2019)

7. Mercedes-AMG A45 (2015-2019)

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG (2015-2019) review
MINI 3-Door Hatch

8. MINI Cooper S (2014-present)

MINI 3-Door Hatch review
Volkswagen Golf GTI (2013-2020)

9. Volkswagen Golf GTI (2013-2020)

Volkswagen Golf GTI (2013-2020) review
Peugeot 208 GTi

10. Peugeot 208 GTI (2015-2019)

Peugeot 208 GTi review

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Advice about used hot hatches

Used hot hatch FAQs

If you are after an enjoyable hot hatch driving experience and want great value, the BMW M140i is a good choice. Its replacement no longer offers a six-cylinder engine or rear-wheel-drive, which makes it a desirable used car buy and should translate into a strong residual value.

The VW Golf GTI has generally both proven to be a reliable car, while the Hyundai i30N comes with the benefit of a five-year unlimited-mileage warranty, as long as it's been serviced in-line with manufacturer recommendations. Speaking of which, as hot hatches can live hard lives, insist on an impeccable service history when buying used.

Walk away if the hot hatch you are interested in doesn’t have a full service history or looks to have been abused. Check for unevenly worn tyres, smoking exhaust on start-up, hesitant power delivery and signs of modifications. This could include aftermarket exhausts, brakes, mags and engine remaps.

Aside from hot hatches that have not been cared for by their previous owners, your personal preferences will dictate which cars you should avoid. 

If you are happy to forego comfort and practicality for an intense driving experience then the unhinged Abarth 595 may be a great option. It would make for a rather uncomfortable daily driver though. Similarly, a VW Golf GTI is smooth and refined, with plenty of practicality and luggage space. But if you want to be the first away from the lights at every opportunity, then you would be better off with a Golf R, Audi RS3 or Mercedes-AMG A45.