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Buying a new Fiat through carwow
Once you have chosen your new Fiat, you'll get new Fiat deals from dealerships sent direct into your inbox. You can message dealers via carwow to discuss new car finance deals and to help work out the right finance package for you. As you'll buy the new car direct from a trusted Fiat dealership, you'll still be able to access Fiat Finance Deals and special offers through carwow. And you can also part-exchange your current car if you want and access the aftersales customer service should you wish.

Range of new Fiat cars
When you walk into a Fiat dealership you'll be faced with a wide range of vehicles, so which one is right for you? And which do you really want? Here, we explain the entire range of new Fiat cars available to buy from carwow.

Fiat 500
Cutesy retro looks ensure the Fiat 500 could be the idea car for you to cruise around town. It comes with loads of customisation options, too, so you can make it truly your own. It’s a strict three-door though, so you need to crawl through the front doors to get to the back seats.

Fiat 500C
See above - but with a folding fabric roof so you can feel the wind in your hair as your cruise through town. Like the model with the hard roof, you can personalise your 500C with a range of options so your car will never be exactly like any other you see on the road.

Fiat 500L
Fiat has capitalised on the popularity of the 500 city car but adding that name to a range of other cars. The 500L has similar retro looks to the 500 but is a bit bigger.

Fiat 500X
The retro look continues with the 500X, Fiat's family SUV. Essentially, it looks like a 500 that has been blown up like a balloon and been given an extra pair or doors. It certainly stands out more than the likes of a SEAT Arona or even Citroen C3 Aircross.

Fiat Panda
It might not have the retro looks of the 500, but the Fiat Panda has plenty of room inside and all models come with five-doors for great access. Interior quality might not be up to the standards of a Volkswagen Up, but it’s fair to say that the Panda has a decent amount of charm.

Fiat Panda 4x4
The Panda 4x4 is pretty much the same as above – except with added four-wheel drive. That means it can go off-road, which it is surprisingly good at. Ideal for zipping up and down your vineyards in Tuscany.

Fiat Panda Cross
The Panda Cross 4x4 is pretty much the same as above – except with some extra cladding and off-road kit which makes it a genuine, cheap small off-roader.

Fiat Tipo
The Tipo is a reasonably priced small family car that has a decent-sized boot and some smart exterior looks. There is also an estate version, called the Tipo Station Wagon.

Fiat Qubo
The Fiat Qubo is a small MPV that still manages to have a roomy cabin and a big boot. It’s packed with practical features but it feels very cheap inside.

Fiat Doblo
The Fiat Doblo is an MPV that is based on a van. That means it's huge inside, has a huge boot and sliding rear doors.

Fiat deals FAQs

Is Fiat doing a scrappage scheme?
Currently, Fiat has no official Scrappage scheme in the UK, but you will still be able to part exchange your old car, depending on its age and condition.