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If you don’t want to wait ages for your new car to arrive or if you want to save even more money, check out our deals on pre-reg, ex-demo and nearly-new cars. We have thousands of cars ready to be picked up and driven away immediately, and we could have your perfect car in stock without you having to wait! Click ‘login’ in the top-right-hand corner to sign up and browse our extensive range of new, nearly new and pre-reg stock cars.

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Get £7,850 off a new Mercedes GLC

Long story short: the Mercedes GLC looks and feels fantastic. Its exterior gets some understated but premium-looking styling, while the inside is just a lovely place to be, from the smart dashboard to the comfortable seats. Four six-foot-tall adults would have no complaints when it comes to room, and the comfort continues when you’re actually on the road, especially if you put your suspension into ‘Comfort’ mode. Get a GLC from carwow’s brand-new stock and you could save an average of £7,850.

Save big on the Nissan Qashqai SUV

You may think of SUVs as big, bulky and expensive things, but the Nissan Qashqai demolishes all those preconceptions. It’s a small car that’s still able to be family-friendly, as well as cheap to run and comfortable. Its engines are economical (especially the 1.5-litre diesel unit with 53mpg) but, no matter which you get, the Qashqai is easy to drive and irons out bumps in the road like nobody’s business. Get one now from carwow’s pre-registered stock and you can save £7,158.

Over £9,000 off the VW Passat Estate

The Volkswagen Passat Estate is a car that’s extremely easy to get along with in the long run. The 650-litre boot is impressive, for a start, easily beating many of the alternatives’ in terms of size. Plus, when you take it out on the road, no matter what type of journey you’re taking and where, it will prove a comfortable car, cruising over lumps and bumps with its soft suspension. Plus, as you’re sat inside, you’ll find that the materials are high-quality, solid to the touch with very few nasty, ‘scratchy’-feeling surfaces. Best of all, carwow customers now save an average of £9,132 when they buy a Passat Estate from our brand-new stock.

Save £5,000 on the SEAT Ateca for low-cost, family-friendly driving

The SEAT Ateca is a family SUV that’s just as fun and practical as a Volkswagen Tiguan, but cheaper. If you buy an Ateca from carwow’s new stock, this can save you an average of £5,070. The cabin is spacious enough for four fully-grown adults, not to mention surprisingly quiet as you’re on the move. Plus, with its stiff suspension, the Ateca can be surprisingly enjoyable to drive on winding country roads.

Over £8,000 off the Mercedes C-Class

The Mercedes C-Class is the holy grail for upmarket-feeling executive saloons, and for good reason. Inside and out, it absolutely looks the part and has all the tech you could ever want. Plus, it’s supremely comfortable, thanks to some cosy seats and a dynamic suspension. The availability of a hybrid option is also attractive, giving the potential for economical driving ideal for company cars. Get a C-Class from carwow’s brand-new stock and you can save an average of £8,026.

Save on average £3,600

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