What are stock cars?

If you try to buy a new car, you’ll often hear car dealers talking about stock cars. These aren’t to be confused with smashed-up banger racers, they’re simply new cars that have already been built and are in ‘stock’.

What’s the difference between a new car and a stock car?

When people talk about buying a new car, they’re usually talking about placing a factory order.

What’s a factory order car?

A factory order car is a car that’s built to your exact personal specification. You tell the dealer the engine, gearbox, colour, trim level and optional extras you’d like. This order is then wired to the factory (whether that’s in Germany, Spain, the UK or even as far afield as Brazil), which then builds your car. This can take anywhere between four weeks and eight months – or longer for very popular cars.

If you want a new car in a hurry, then a dealer may suggest you buy a car from stock (also called a stock car) to speed things up.

What’s a car from stock?

A stock car is a car that’s already been built. It might not physically be sitting in the dealer’s back yard, and may even be sitting at a foreign port waiting for a customer to claim it. It’s still a brand-new car, but it may not be the exact same car as the one you want to buy. It may be in a different colour, and may not have all the options you’d like.

But there’s a huge upside: if you buy a stock car, you’ll get it in a matter of days instead of months.

Will I save more money by buying a stock car?

Not necessarily. In some instances, dealers will offer less discount on a stock car if it’s a popular model, because they know some buyers don’t have patience and are willing to pay closer to list price if it means they get a car sooner.

On other stock cars, you may get more discount than by placing a factory order – the stock car may be in a less desirable colour or have some unusual options, so the dealer will take some money off the price to clear it from stock.

Can I buy stock cars through carwow?

Yes! Simply configure the car you want through carwow then, when dealers send you their offers, they’ll also share their current stock lists with you to see if there’s a stock car that takes your fancy. Simply call the dealer or send them a message to express your interest in a stock car. It’s as simple as that.

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