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At carwow we want to make sure you are getting the best deal on a new Vauxhall, we do this by getting our top rated dealers to come to you with their best offer. Below you can browse our latest Vauxhall deals for every Vauxhall model and when you've decided on what you want, we will send your chosen deal straight to your inbox

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Buying a new Vauxhall through carwow
Once you have chosen your new Vauxhall, you'll get new Vauxhall deals from dealerships sent direct into your inbox. You can message dealers via carwow to discuss new car finance deals and to help work out the right finance package for you. As you'll buy the new car direct from a trusted Vauxhall dealer, you'll still be able to access Vauxhall Finance Deals and special offers through carwow. And you can also part-exchange your current car if you want and access the aftersales customer service should you wish.

Range of new Vauxhall Cars
When you walk into a Vauxhall dealership you'll be faced with a wide range of vehicles, so which one is right for you? And which do you really want? Here, we explain the entire range of new Vauxhalls available to buy from carwow – all the way from Vauxhall Astra to Vauxhall Viva.

Vauxhall Adam
The Adam is the smallest car in the Vauxhall range. It is smaller than a Corsa but is a funky-looking car and is available with a broad range of personalisation options, so you can tailor your Adam to your taste and motoring needs.

Vauxhall Corsa
This small car is arguably the most well-known of all Vauxhall models. It is one of the biggest sellers in the UK. An all-new Corsa, plus the zero-emissions Corsa-e electric car, has just gone on sale.

Vauxhall Astra
The Vauxhall Astra has just received an update. It’s one of the UK’s most recognisable car models. It’s so well known, that many customers tend to – almost by default – choose between a Vauxhall Astra or a Ford Focus.

Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer
This is the estate car version of the new Astra, so it’ll be up your street if you need the extra boot space that an estate car offers.

Vauxhall Crossland X
Just a bit bigger than the Corsa, the Crossland X is a small SUV that’s similar to the likes of the Renault Captur or Nissan Juke. It’s ideal for those who like the chunky looks of an SUV but need a smaller car.

Vauxhall Grandland X
The Grandland X is a large family SUV that’s about the same size as a Nissan Qashqai. The new Grandland X has a big boot and a good safety rating.

Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport
If an Astra isn't big enough for you… then you should consider taking a look at the Insignia, which is an alternative to the likes of a Ford Mondeo or, Toyota Camry or Peugeot 508. It's spacious and well-equipped.

Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport Tourer
Like the Insignia but need a bigger boot? Take a look at the Insignia Grand Sport Tourer, it’s a spacious alternative to a VW Passat estate.

Vauxhall Combo Life
The new Combo Life is an immensely practical van-based SUV. It has loads of room and looks like it offers good value for money – especially when you find the right deal.

Vauxhall Mokka X
The Mokka X is a small-but-tall SUV that's a bit bigger than the Crossland X, and a bit smaller than the new Grandland X.

Vauxhall Viva
The Viva is a city car – it’s smaller than a Corsa. Despite the cool, retro name, this is one model that Vauxhall doesn't sell brand new anymore.

Vauxhall deals FAQs

What cars are offering zero percent finance?
Vauxhall is a volume manufacturer which means it sells a huge number of vehicles in the UK every year – the Corsa was the third biggest selling car in 2018. As such there are always great deals – cash and finance – on its cars, including on the Vauxhall Corsa, Astra and Mokka X. Occasionally, Vauxhall will offer zero percent finance on its vehicles. You will still be able to take advantage of these special offers when you buy a new car through carwow. You can discuss this direct with your chosen dealership when you go through the carwow process.

Does Vauxhall have a scrappage scheme?
Vauxhall will occasionally run a scrappage scheme where you can get a guaranteed trade-in price for your part exchange. This can work in your favour when you have a high-mileage car you want to trade in. You can then use this to help finance your deal on a new Vauxhall. Simply discuss this when you choose one of the carwow recommended dealers.

Which cars can you buy on Vauxhall finance?
The complete range of Vauxhall cars is available on finance. When you get the offers through on your brand-new Vauxhall – whatever model you’re going for – message the dealer to see what finance options are available and what finance offer suits your needs best.