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0% APR finance new car deals

Sometimes a manufacturer will offer interest-free (also called 0%) finance on some cars to help sell them. Naturally, if you buy a car with carwow you’re likely to save off the list price of the car as well as getting 0% finance, making any interest-free car a doubly good deal. This means you’ll only be paying off the car and paying less for it over the course of your finance term.

Below are the most popular cars you can buy with interest-free finance. Check out our complete list of cars with 0% finance for more options.

PCP 0% finance deals

HP 0% finance deals

What is a 0% finance deal?

A 0% finance deal operates much like any loan – you borrow money from a financial institution which you agree to pay back over a set period of time. Whereas most contracts of this type will charge interest for borrowing the money, zero per cent deals don’t cost you an extra penny – effectively you’re spreading out the original cost of the car into more manageable chunks.

Depending on the car you’re looking for, these 0% deals will be applied to either a Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase agreement. The option you pick will depend on what kind of ownership you want.

That seems tempting, but it also sounds too good to be true…

Not at all – car manufacturers like to entice buyers away from rivals’ products with discounts on specific models – or indeed sometimes the entire range. Much like a free insurance deal, free optional extras or a simple cash discount, a zero per cent deal is just another way to do this.

Which cars are available with 0% finance?

There are a wide range of cars currently available with 0% deals – everything from tiny city cars to huge, opulent luxury saloons. It’s worth bearing in mind that the offer won’t always be available on every single model in the range – often the offers are limited to specific trim levels or engines – so it makes sense to check out whether the discounted cars match your needs. All carwow dealers will be able to explain to you how to take advantage of these deals.

Are there any downsides?

If you’re able to afford the cash payment up front, you may prefer to pay off the car in full because it means you’re not tied down to a contract. Many deals will be subject to your credit history and it’s worth making absolutely sure you’re able to keep up with the monthly payments before committing to any agreement. Otherwise, it’s a great way to save on your next new car.

Save on average £3,600

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