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Meet the carwow editorial team

The carwow content team is hell-bent on producing the very best, most engaging, highest impact and farthest reaching car content on the internet. So no big task then! That ranges across everything from the car reviews, news and buying and owning advice to the world’s most-watched automotive YouTube channel and ever-growing followers across the carwow Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and Facebook accounts. With getting on for a century of car industry writing and content creation between them, the carwow team is primed and ready every day to produce the best reviews, news, advice and exciting social media content.

Mat Watson - Chief Content Officer - carwow

Mat Watson

Chief Content Officer

Leading carwow's highly respected and influential editorial team, Mat is best known as the face of the carwow YouTube channel, which he's grown into the largest car channel on the platform with 8+ million subscribers. A cornerstone of carwow's huge brand reach, Mat's in-depth reviews, drag races and news content can be seen at

Iain Reid - Head of Editorial - carwow

Iain Reid

Head of Editorial

Iain has been an automotive journalist for 20 years, working for the likes of What Car? and Auto Express.

As Head of Editorial, Iain is responsible for making sure we have the best videos on YouTube and the best review and advice content on the internet.

Nick Lette van Oostvoorne - YouTube Strategist - carwow

Nick Lette van Oostvoorne

YouTube Strategist

With a background in automotive design, Nick has worked in car news, reviews and video roles since joining carwow in 2015.

Now, his job is to make sure the carwow YouTube channel features the most interesting and exciting cars, the newest releases and the best drag-race lineups (where you'll occasionally spot him on-camera as a reserve driver).

Ryan Hirons - Assistant Producer - carwow

Ryan Hirons

Assistant Producer

Ryan has been testing cars since 2017, and moved to carwow in 2021, first writing our news stories and then joining the reviews desk before moving over to help write the scripts for our YouTube videos. Away from work, he's obsessed with Japanese performance csrs (or computer games involving Japanese performance cars)

Jack Healy - Website Reviews Writer - carwow

Jack Healy

Website Reviews Writer

Jack has been in motoring journalism for 7 years, writing for various outlets with an agency before joining carwow.

Working across all parts of the editorial team in his time here, Jack writes scripts for Mat's videos, reviews for the website and helps create other content.

Jamie Edkins - Website News Writer - carwow

Jamie Edkins

Website News Writer

Jamie has been with the carwow team for 2 years now after graduating from the University of Brighton with a degree in Journalism.

With experience across all parts of the editorial team, Jamie is responsible for breaking the latest news stories in the motoring industry, as well as writing reviews for the carwow website.

James Drujon - Associate Producer - carwow

James Drujon

Associate Producer

James has been with the carwow YouTube team for over 2 years. He graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Media Production and has previously worked in sound design.

As part of James' role as Associate Producer, he manages shoot logistics and writes scripts for our video reviews.

Will Davis - Social Media Manager - carwow

Will Davis

Social Media Manager

As Head of Social, Will manages all content shared across carwow's social channels.

Along with managing daily content uploads to our best-in-class UK YouTube channel, he has also expanded carwow's YouTube presence on a global scale, with channels launched in LATAM, Asia & the Middle East.

Rory White - YouTube Producer - carwow

Rory White

YouTube Producer

As our YouTube Producer, Rory's job is to make sure the best cars on the planet feature on our YouTube channel.

He and his team oversee everything from managing relationships with car manufacturers, dealers and owners to sorting insurance and fetching Mat Watson’s lunch.

You’ll also see him in the odd drag race video!

Outside work, Rory enjoys road cycling and spending money on his classic American cars - preferably without his wife noticing.

Paul Barker - Managing Editor - carwow

Paul Barker

Managing Editor

As carwow Managing Editor, Paul is responsible for making sure all the written content across the website's news, reviews, guides and advice is as helpful and informative as it can possibly be. He joined carwow in 2022, having spent more than 20 years writing about cars across consumer, fleet, dealer and light commercial vehicle sectors and freelacing for national newspapers, leading magazines and industry publications.

Darren Cassey - Website Reviews Editor - carwow

Darren Cassey

Website Reviews Editor

With more than a decade of experience in automotive journalism, Darren runs the reviews on the website. He gets behind the wheel of all the latest cars to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase.

Tommy Allen - Tik Tok Video Editor - carwow

Tommy Allen

Tik Tok Video Editor

Tommy has been in the automotive industry since 2017. He started as a Marketing Executive for a luxury used car dealership, doing everything from car reviews to optimising sales funnels. He joined carwow in 2023 to create all the short-form content across all of carwow's social channels.