Aberdeen Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Check


How does Carwow’s Aberdeen LEZ (Low Emissions Zone) check work?

Carwow’s free Aberdeen Low Emissions Zone check uses your vehicle’s registration to tell you if your vehicle is compliant and whether you’ll need to pay the daily charge to drive into the LEZ.

Our tool also shows you the boundary of Aberdeen’s LEZ. You can enter an address or postcode to see if it lies within the zone.

What is the Aberdeen Low Emissions Zone?

The Aberdeen Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) is an area where only certain vehicles are allowed to enter based on their exhaust emissions standard. The LEZ is being introduced to reduce air pollution in the city centre caused by exhaust emissions from traffic.

Non-compliant vehicles with higher exhaust emissions that are driven within the Low Emissions Zone will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) when the council starts issuing fines on 1 June 2024 to drivers of cars that do not meet the required emissions standards.

What vehicles are allowed in the Aberdeen Low Emissions Zone?

Vehicles allowed within the Aberdeen Low Emissions Zone are petrol cars and vans that meet Euro 4 emission standards, and diesel cars and vans that meet Euro 6 emission standards. Owners of non-compliant cars will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

Aberdeen Low Emissions Zone FAQs

The Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) in Aberdeen covers an area in the centre of the city on either side of Union Street. It is still possible to reach the ferry terminal without entering the LEZ.

Fines will start to be issued to drivers of non-compliant vehicles from 1 June 2024.

The Penalty Charge Notice for non-compliant vehicles is £60, which is halved if it is paid within 14 days of the fine being issued. If you continue to enter the Aberdeen LEZ in the same non-compliant car within 90 days, the fine is doubled each time up to a maximum of £480.

You cannot pay the charge for the Aberdeen LEZ ahead of driving into the city in a non-compliant vehicle. If you drive into the zone in a vehicle that is not compliant, ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras will detect your vehicle, check its details with the DVLA and if its exhaust emissions are not compliant, will automatically issue a Penalty Charge Notice to the registered keeper. In that document you’ll find details about how to pay the charge.