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Value my car

Use carwow, and its partnership with The Car Buying Group, to get an accurate car valuation. Here’s how…

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Get a car valuation instantly and if you decide to sell, you'll get paid instantly with no fees
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Get an extra £100 as part of your valuation thanks to our partnership with The Car Buying Group
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How to value your car with carwow

At carwow, we help take the hassle out of buying a new car. Now, we can help you get an accurate valuation for your old car, too. We’ve teamed up with The Car Buying Group to offer instant, free valuations to help you get the best price for your old car.

Here’s how it works

1. We give you a free valuation

Sign-in to carwow and head over to ‘My cars’ by clicking the button at the top of the page. Click on the ‘Value my car’ button and enter your car’s registration number, how many miles it’s covered and when you plan to sell it, to get your instant valuation.

Speak to us to tell us more about the condition of your car and any extras it might have to see if we can improve your quote. You’ll also get a £100 bonus if you choose to sell your car through carwow. If that’s not enough, we can beat the final price offered by online competitors, and you’ll still be eligible for the £100 bonus.

2. We arrange collection any day of the week

Once you’ve agreed on a price for your old car, it’s time to arrange for it to be collected. We can collect it from you seven days a week, from early morning through to the evening. Choose a time and we’ll collect it from wherever is easiest for you – from your home, from your place of work, or even from the dealership where you’re picking up a brand new car.

A representative from The Car Buying Group will check that your car is in the condition you described and they’ll make sure all the car’s paperwork is in order. This includes the V5 registration document and its service history.

3. You get paid straight away

You’ll receive payment straight into your bank account on the day, with no admin fees, transaction fees or hidden charges. All payments are safe and secure, and your car won’t be driven away until you’ve confirmed the cash is in your account – just to be on the safe side.

Unlike part-exchanging your car at a dealership, the money from selling your old car isn’t tied into purchasing a new car. You’ll be free to spend the money on anything you wish when you sell your car through carwow.

How do I get the best valuation for my car?

The value of your old car will depend on a number of factors. Two of the biggest are your car’s make and model – some brands are more desirable than others and tend to be worth more as a result.

How old your car is and how many miles it has covered will also affect its valuation. Older, high-mileage cars tend to be worth less than newer examples with fewer miles on the clock.

Your car’s condition is another very important aspect to consider when getting a valuation. A pristine car will be worth more than one with a few scratches on the wheels and bodywork, for example.

Your car’s service history is also crucial. This document records when a car has had regular maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition. If your car has a full service history showing it has been serviced every year, or within regular mileage intervals, it’ll have a higher valuation than a car with only a partial service history.

The number of owners your car has had – outlined in its V5 document – will also play a part. If you’ve owned your car from new, it’ll likely have a higher valuation than a car that’s had numerous owners.

Value my car

Get an instant valuation for your car with our super simple valuation tool.

How does depreciation affect my car’s valuation?

Don’t feel disheartened if your car is worth a bit less than a brand-new model. Every car sold suffers from what’s called depreciation. As soon as you drive a new car out of a dealership, it loses a significant percentage of its value. The more expensive a new car is, the faster it tends to depreciate.

As a rule of thumb, a three-year old car will be worth half the price of what it was worth when new, but some cars can depreciate faster (lose more value), than others. Again, the make and model are the biggest factors, but the condition of the car, the option you have affect depreciation too. Even the car’s colour can affect depreciation. The radioactive green you fell in love three years ago when you saw it sparkling in the showroom might not be so attractive to buyers now it is time to sell the car on, so an unusual and vivid colour could depreciate faster than a more traditional grey or white colour.