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Why should I value my car online with carwow?

  • Get a car valuation in a few clicks, with no obligation to sell

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  • You can often get a better price than part-exchange when you sell your car with us

How do you work out how much my car is worth?

We use the latest market data, the value of cars we've already sold, as well as your car's condition and any extra features that make it special.

We know that you know more about your car than anyone, so our expert team are always on hand to make sure we’ve got your valuation right.

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“Take the time to show that your car has been cared for - which means it’s clean and tidy and all the paperwork is in order - but don’t stress about getting every little thing perfect. A few minor scuffs and scratches to your paintwork or wheels shouldn’t affect your valuation.”
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Car (Review) Expert

What factors can affect the value of my car?

  • Age

    As cars get older, they tend to lose value. When you also factor in the speed of technological and engineering advances, and legislative changes to make certain types of vehicle obsolete or expensive to use, a car’s value can often decline even faster.

  • Mileage

    As a general rule of thumb, the more miles a car has travelled, the lower the value of the car. This is largely because high-mileage cars usually need more repairs and maintenance, which can be an expensive running cost.

  • Condition

    Wear and tear can lower the value slightly, but more major issues can have a big impact on a valuation, so make sure it’s in good running order. The cheapest and easiest way to retain value in your car, however, is by cleaning it. A clean car suggests to a buyer you’ve cared for it.

  • Service history

    A full service history will go a long way in improving the valuation of a car. It tells potential buyers that the vehicle has been carefully looked after and checked regularly by experts. You should also keep any receipts from servicing and repairs as evidence that they’ve taken place.

  • Make and model

    Let’s be honest: some cars are just more desirable than others. The more desirable a car is on the second-hand market, the more valuable it is.

  • Previous owners

    The number of previous owners doesn’t tend to matter as much as it used to, but as a general rule of thumb, a car with a higher number of previous owners will be less valuable than a comparable model with fewer previous owners.

  • Fuel

    The type of fuel that a car consumes is another factor that can affect its value because of the price of the fuel itself and any additional costs connected to its use, such as ULEZ and CAZ charges.

  • Colour

    Some car colours are more popular than others. Less common colours can lower the value of a car, whereas 'safe' colours such as black, white, and grey can mean buyers may be prepared to pay more.

  • Optional extras

    When the car was first bought and specced, if you or the original owner splashed out on a few additional options, such as heated seats and a reversing camera, these could add value to your car.

  • Modifications

    By the same token, any modifications made to your car by you or any other owners over the years could have an impact on the overall value. Most modifications mean a reduction in value, as buyers tend to prefer unmodified cars.

Car valuation FAQs

Absolutely, getting a free car valuation with carwow is a easy. Just provide us with your car's mileage, registration, and a few pictures.

We'll give you a no-obligation estimate of your car's value - you're in control, and there's no obligation to sell.

Every car and van, no matter the age or mileage!
It's worth noting that if your car has any undisclosed damage or issues when you list it, it could potentially impact the valuation. To ensure you get the most precise estimate, complete honesty in describing your car, along with sharing photos of any damage, goes a long way.
We’d love to help you sell your car. We work with 4,500+ trusted dealers - with a few more details we can set a price you’re happy with and advertise your car to our network for free.

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