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At carwow we want to make sure you are getting the best deal on a new Skoda, we do this by getting our top rated dealers to come to you with their best offer. Below you can browse our latest Skoda deals for every Skoda model and when you've decided on what you want, we will send your chosen deal straight to your inbox

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Buying a new Skoda through carwow

Once you have chosen your new Skoda, you'll get new Skoda deals from dealerships sent direct into your inbox. You can message dealers via carwow to discuss new car finance deals and to help work out the right finance package for you. As you'll buy the new car direct from a trusted Skoda dealer, you'll still be able to access Skoda Finance Deals and special offers through carwow. And you can also part-exchange your current car if you want and access the aftersales customer service should you wish.

Range of new Skoda cars
When you walk into a Skoda dealership you'll be faced with a wide range of vehicles, so which one is right for you? And which do you really want? Here, we explain the entire range of new Skoda cars available to buy from carwow.

Skoda Citigo
The smallest car in the range, the Skoda Citigo is virtually identical to the SEAT Mii and VW Up city cars (as Skoda is part of the VW group of car brands). The Citigo tends to be cheaper than the other two, though, so be sure to check out the Citigo deals above.

Skoda Fabia
Looking for something a bit larger than the Citigo? The Skoda Fabia could be just the thing for you: the ideal big-yet-small car. It’s more spacious than a Ford Fiesta, though it’s not quite as stylish inside or out as the big-selling little Ford, but it is cheap to run.

Skoda Scala
The Scala family hatchback is one of the newest additions to the Skoda range. So before you go and buy a Ford Focus or VW Golf, it’s certainly worth checking out the Scala, too.

Skoda Octavia
The Octavia is roomy, well made and comes well equipped, too. It’s not as smart as a VW Passat, but it is a good deal cheaper. You can buy an Octavia as a hatchback or an estate – and the estate, in particular, is enormously spacious.

Skoda Superb
If you are after the space you’d find in a limousine, but at Ford Mondeo prices, the Skoda Superb fulfils the ‘maximum space, minimum cost’ brief better than most cars. It’s very roomy and you can get great deals on them. The Superb is available as a hatchback or super-roomy estate version.

Skoda Kamiq
This is the smallest of the three Skoda SUVs. Perhaps a little confusingly, all three Skoda SUVs’ names begin with a K and end with a Q. But the Kamiq is the cheapest and could be ideal if you spend a lot of your time whizzing around busy city streets or narrow town centre car parks. The Kamiq is similar to a SEAT Arona and VW T-Roc.

Skoda Karoq
The Karoq is Skoda’s mid-range SUV, in both price and size terms. It’s not as spacious as the larger Kodiaq, but it won’t set you back as much, either. If you would Consider a VW Golf or a Ford Focus, but want the extra height and chunky feel of an SUV, then the Karoq could be the perfect choice.

Skoda Kodiaq
The Skoda Kodiaq is the biggest SUV that Skoda currently produces, and it’s the only one that offers the option of seven seats. For those after a performance car hit with their big SUV there’s also the vRS version of the Kodiaq, which gets a powerful 239hp turbodiesel engine and sporty styling add-ons. Other seven-seater family SUVs at a similar price point include the Land Rover Discovery Sport and the VW Tiguan Allspace.

Skoda deals FAQs

Is Skoda doing a scrappage scheme?
Currently, Skoda has no official Scrappage scheme in the UK, but you will still be able to part exchange your old car, depending on its age and condition through the Skoda dealership. Or you could sell your car through carwow - simply hit the 'Sell my car' link at the foot of the page.

Which Skoda Cars can you buy on Skoda Finance
The entire range of Skoda cars, from the tiny Citigo to the imposing Kodiaq can be on your driveway courtesy of a finance deal. Once the offer on your brand-new Skoda, you can then send a message to the dealer to find out see what finance options are available and to pick which one is most appropriate for your needs.