Skoda Enyaq Coupe review

The Skoda Enyaq Coupe is a sleeker, more stylish version of the firm’s practical Enyaq electric SUV. In pre-production guise it’s comfortable and spacious, it’s not especially sporty to drive

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Is the Skoda Enyaq Coupe a good car?

Think of the new Skoda Enyaq Coupe as being the sportier, better-looking younger sibling to the regular Enyaq electric SUV (which you can read about here).

You see, where that original model is extremely sensible and practical (and perhaps a little too sensible), this new coupe version spices things up with a dramatically sloping roofline and a slightly more aggressive exterior.

Not that anyone’s actually seen the thing just yet. Skoda isn’t officially revealing it until late 2021, so for now all we’ve got to go off are the camouflaged pictures you can see above. Based on its outline, then, you can tell it’s designed to be an alternative to the likes of the Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback, the Kia EV6 and the upcoming Volkswagen ID.5.

As standard, all versions get a sleek dark-tinted panoramic glass roof that lends the bodywork an almost two-tone colour effect; and alloy wheel sizes range from 19-inches up to 21-inches. We’ll have to wait until the official reveal to see exactly what it looks like, but for now it’s shaping up to be quite the looker.

The interior looks and feels pretty special too. Up front, it’s practically the same as the standard Enyaq, so you get a lot of plush feeling fabric and leather upholstery (depending on which trim you opt for), and there’s soft-touch plastics on the doors and dash tops. There’s a lot of adjustability too, so it’s easy to get comfy behind the wheel; and the 13-inch touchscreen looks sharp and seems to work pretty smoothly.

The windscreen is pretty steeply raked so the view out the front (and the back, for that matter) isn’t quite as good as it is on the regular car. There’s also a bit less boot space (570 litres instead of the standard car’s 585). But the upshot of that sportier profile is that the Enyaq Coupe is more aerodynamically efficient than the regular SUV, so it’ll go slightly further on a charge.

I’d be keen to try the dual-motor version. You might give up a bit of range, but the extra oomph makes up for that.

Mat Watson
Mat Watson
carwow expert

Speaking of range,, Skoda says that the Enyaq Coupe 80 model that we briefly drove is capable of travelling just over 330 miles. This version has a single 204hp electric motor driving its rear wheels, and a large 77kWh battery stashed beneath the floor.

The real world range will be slightly lower, however: according to our car’s trip computer, you should expect a figure closer to 210 miles.

There will also be a less-powerful model called the Enyaq Coupe 60, which uses a 58kWh battery and a single 180hp electric motor. At the top of the range is the Enyaq Coupe 80x, which uses the same 77kWh battery as our test car, but has two electric motors for all-wheel-drive and 262hp. There’ll be an even faster vRS performance model at some point too.

In our early, short drive of the Enyaq Coupe it seemed comfortable enough. It’s not especially soft-riding like so many Skodas are, but it is still pretty relaxing to trundle about in. The lightweight steering is accurate, too.

There’s hardly a whisper of wind noise at motorway speeds; and regenerative braking is handy around town. There’s enough punch from the single 204hp electric motor to help you nip in and out of traffic around town, but overtaking cars on the open road will require a fair amount of clear road and planning ahead. It certainly doesn’t feel like a sporty-driving model, in any case.

So really, you’d go for one of these if you like the idea of that coupe-style roofline and don’t mind giving up a tiny bit of practicality. If the final product looks the part, that seems like a pretty worthwhile trade-off; we’ll have to wait until next year to find out exactly how the finished car drives.

In the mean time, head on over to our deals page to see how much you can save on the regular Skoda Enyaq SUV when you buy through carwow. You can also click the video below to watch our video review.