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No deposit new car finance deals

Lots of car manufacturers will let you drive away with a new car on finance without having to pay an up-front deposit. Below is a list of some of the most popular models available with no-deposit finance – you can find more on our full list of no-deposit car finance deals. Most of these deals require you to sign up to a personal contract purchase (PCP) agreement, but a few are available with hire purchase (HP) finance, too. Remember to consider the implications of signing any finance agreement, including whether you can afford the monthly costs. You can always buy a car with cash, and this may work better for you, depending on your personal circumstances.

All information has been obtained from manufacturers’ websites and is correct at the time of publication.

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What is no deposit finance?

Whether you buy your next car on finance or with cash, it’s likely the dealer will ask for an up-front payment known as a deposit. A deposit is seen as a commitment by the customer to place an order. If you already have a car to trade in, its value can contribute towards the deposit. Of course, not everyone owns another vehicle to part exchange and others aren’t able to afford a hefty up-front cash payment. Fortunately, some brands don’t demand buyers place a deposit at all.

Why do manufacturers offer no deposit finance?

No deposit finance agreements helps customers unable to pay an initial fee to get into new car ownership. By spreading the cost of a vehicle throughout the duration of the finance agreement, it means buyers without savings to contribute initially are still able to afford the car that they want.

Which cars are available with no deposit finance?

The large majority of car brands in the UK offer no-deposit finance deals in their ranges – regardless of the type of car you’re looking for or, indeed, your monthly budget. For more information on precisely which cars are available, take a look at our extensive list of the cars with no deposit finance.

Are there any downsides to no deposit finance?

While a no deposit deal makes the car buying purchase more affordable initially, it has the potential to cost more in the long run. The smaller the deposit, the more money you’ll have to borrow on a finance agreement. This means the amount of interest will be calculated against a larger sum of money, so you’ll have to pay back more over the duration of the contract.

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