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Great coupes strike a fine balance between style, substance and enough space for the odd weekend away. They are good fun to drive, too. Most coupe cars have two doors and four seats, with some having more practical rear seats than others. An emerging trend is for coupe cars to have a four-door design. These retain the swooping roofline of a traditional coupe, but add a couple of rear doors for extra practicality. Here are the best.

Fastest coupes

Coupes are all about style, but the following list shows they are all very much about speed too. Indeed, we’ve got together some of the fastest coupes you can buy right now on carwow.

Best cheap coupes

Choosing a coupe doesn’t mean spending a fortune. Our experts have compiled a list of the best cheap coupes. All these coupes are under £30,000 – so yours for the price of a family car with a posh badge.

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Frequently asked questions about coupes

A coupe is a type of car that sits between a sports car and something, well a little more sensible.

Traditionally, a coupe car will have two doors and some come with just two seats, while others have a further two seats in the rear.

The best coupe cars should be great fun to drive – they don’t need to come with the most powerful engines, but they should put a huge grin on your face as you drive through a series of corners.

The final box that the best coupe cars must tick is they should look fantastic. Sleek styling, a swoopy roofline and a mean-looking, low-to-the-ground stance mark the best coupes out from the rest.

Increasingly, there is a new kind of coupe emerging. Buyers love the looks of a coupe – that low, swept back roofline – but need a dose of practicality for their day-to-day car. Enter the four-door coupe. These cars have the looks but also a further two doors and useable rear seats that you can easily access from the rear doors.

Are these cars still coupes? Well, that’s how the brochures describe them. We’ll let you decide.

Is a coupe a four-door car? Well, that’s a matter of debate. Traditionally, a coupe had two doors – and sometimes just two seats. People’s tastes change – or develop, at least. And so now you get four-door coupes. These offer coupe buyers more practicality than a two-door coupe. You get easy access to the rear seats through those two extra doors, but you still get the stylish looks of a traditional coupe.

That depends on where you come from. In Europe, people pronounce coupe: ‘koo-pay’. The word coupé is French and it’s literal meaning means chopped off. A coupe was a horse-drawn carriage that did not have two rearward facing seats. This evolved into a car with just two seats – with the others chopped off. In the US, coupe is sometimes pronounced differently – more like ‘koop’.

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