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Used Mercedes C-Class Coupe pros and cons

+ Lovely interior

+ More comfortable than similar cars

+ Great engine choices

- Rear space is poor

- Boot isn’t great either

- Poor infotainment

Is a used Mercedes C-Class Coupe a good car?

The Mercedes C-Class Coupe is a stylish executive car that takes the practical base of the C-Class saloon and gives it a sleeker profile, putting fashionable looks ahead of practicality.

If you need lots of boot space you’d definitely be better off with the C-Class estate, and rear seat passengers will be more cramped than they would be in the BMW 4 Series and Audi A5.

If practicality is not a concern, the C-Class Coupe has positive aspects that will appeal. For example, you get a high-quality, comfortable interior, even though the infotainment system isn’t the best.

Where the C-Class Coupe is at its strongest is on the road. It’s more comfortable than other coupes, especially if you find one with the optional air suspension. As such, it’s a great car for long distance driving, which suits the diesel engine best. The petrol will be more economical around town, though.

Overall, the C-Class Coupe is not the most practical executive coupe you can buy, but if that’s not an issue for you, it’s a comfortable companion for those who do a lot of miles.

What to look for when buying a second hand Mercedes C-Class Coupe

Premium executive cars from the likes of Mercedes and BMW don’t have the best reputation for reliability. The C-Class is fairly reliable, but if you want to minimise the risk of having to sort repairs then it might be one to avoid.

One of the problems that crops up with owners is the interior plastics. Although these look great and have a quality feel, they don’t stand up to family life so well and can start to rattle after a while.

Although specific recurring issues are tricky to pin down, some of the most common complaints relate to the electrics and brakes, so when viewing a car make sure you check everything works as it should. Also test drive the car and listen out for any scrapes when braking, or any wobbling or tugging through the steering wheel when braking.

Otherwise make sure to complete the usual checks when buying a used car, such as looking for cars with full or extensive service histories and a clear MOT history, looking around the car for any signs of damage, and driving the car in case there are any obvious issues.

Mercedes C-Class Coupe FAQs

The Mercedes C-Class is rear-wheel drive as standard, but if you want four-wheel drive you should look out for 4Matic models.

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