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Used Ford Fiesta pros and cons

+ Great fun to drive

+ Excellent value on the used market

+ 100hp petrol engine is pick of the bunch

- ST-Line models are firm on rough roads

- Other options have more space in the back…

- …and it’s a similar story with boot capacity

Is a used Ford Fiesta a good car?

The Ford Fiesta has long been one of the UK’s best-selling cars. It has always been great value for money, and that’s especially true on the used market because there are so many to choose from. This means there’s loads of variety and you can be picky with the car you want.

Despite being relatively inexpensive the Fiesta doesn’t force you to compromise on too much at all, with smart exterior styling, a relatively plush interior and great driving experience. Fiesta ST-Line models in particular look sporty and upmarket, but while they’re more fun on a winding road than other trims, the suspension upgrades make them less comfortable in normal driving.

The Fiesta’s small proportions make it the ideal first car, or good for anyone that spends a lot of time driving in urban areas, where it’s nippy and easy to place in tight spots. However, the rear seats are pretty cramped and the boot isn’t as big as some rivals, such as the Volkswagen Polo and SEAT Ibiza.

What to look for when buying a second hand Ford Fiesta

Because of their popularity with new drivers and those based in built-up areas, some of the most common issues with the Fiesta relate to bumps and dings. Be sure to give the car a close look when you arrive and question any bodywork damage or signs of previous problems, such as misaligned panels or mismatched paintwork.

Aside from this the Fiesta has an excellent reliability record, so there are no major issues to watch out for. If you suspect the previous owner was a new driver, look out for signs of a worn clutch, which can be spotted when the engine revs climb faster than the car’s speed when accelerating.

If something does go wrong, though, you have peace of mind from knowing Ford’s parts and labour costs are generally lower than other manufacturers. The same can be said for servicing costs, so keeping the car in good nick won’t break the bank.

Ford Fiesta FAQs

It may have come as a surprise that Ford announced it would discontinue the Fiesta in 2023. It topped the UK’s annual sales charts for 12 years in a row between 2009 and 2020, after all.

However, sales have slowed as the popularity of small SUVs has increased. Indeed, the Ford Puma has rocketed up sales charts, quickly overtaking the small hatchback.

Couple this with a huge focus on electric cars, and it was unlikely the Fiesta’s popularity could have recovered. Instead, it has been dropped after an incredible innings, likely to be replaced by a zero-emission equivalent in the future.

Fiestas with the 75hp 1.1-litre engine have the lowest insurance groups, ranging from two to seven depending on trim, with most falling under four and five. Most other models range from groups 10 to 15, while mild hybrid petrols are typically in group 17, though higher-spec trims fall into group 20. The high-performance Fiesta ST is in group 30.

The Ford Fiesta has proved a very reliable car with no major concerns to look out for. Low cost repairs and servicing mean that keeping your car in good shape shouldn’t prove too expensive, either.

Three-door Fiesta models start at 1,164kg for the 1.0-litre petrol models and rise to 1,236kg for mild hybrid models with an automatic gearbox. Five-door versions weigh between 1,179kg and 1,251kg for the same engines.

The Ford Fiesta is up to 4,069mm long for the ST-Line specification.

The first Ford Fiesta went on sale in 1976 and was the smallest car the company had ever made. Since then, there have been seven generations of Fiesta, with the company announcing the current model will be the last.

Deciding on the best second-hand Ford Fiesta depends largely on your needs and budget. However, the 100hp 1.0-litre petrol is a great all-rounder for those who regularly take shorter trips in the city. There are also diesel options available that would be best for drivers spending a lot of time at motorway speeds.

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