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Used Volkswagen Tiguan pros and cons

+ Spacious back seats

+ Big, practical boot

+ Comfortable and quiet to drive

- Can be pretty pricey to buy

- Low-spec versions look dull and feel cheap

- Touch-sensitive controls are a pain to use

Is a used Volkswagen Tiguan a good car?

The Volkswagen Tiguan has a fairly simple premise. It’s a large SUV with that popular high-riding driving position and a coveted badge on the bonnet. It’s a classy-looking SUV, but this means newer examples are pretty pricey, so finding a good deal on a used example is all the more tempting.

There’s a wide range of alternatives to the Tiguan, with top-spec models worth cross shopping with cars from posher brands, such as the Mercedes GLA and BMW X1, while cheaper models go head-to-head with high-spec mainstream cars, such as the Nissan Qashqai and Hyundai Tucson.

Inside, high-spec models have genuine premium appeal, with soft-touch materials and plush seats. However, if you’re looking at low-spec examples there are more obvious hard, scratchy plastics to be found. The infotainment system is crisp with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto included, but the lack of physical buttons makes it fiddly to use.

On the plus side, it’s really practical, with loads of room in the back seats and the boot. Want seven seats? Check out a used Tiguan Allspace.

What to look for when buying a second hand Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan typically comes out of owner surveys with an average score for reliability, so you’d have to be pretty unlucky to get a dud. Petrol tends to be the more reliable engine choice, which could help sway you if you’re torn on which engine to go for.

One of the most common complaints about the Volkswagen Tiguan is the DSG automatic gearbox, which has a tendency to go wrong. When test driving the car, pay close attention to the gear shifts – they should be quick and smooth without much of a jolt at all.

Otherwise, it’s the usual checks we’d recommend for any used car purchase. Look over the bodywork, alloy wheels and tyres for any signs of damage, and check the interior is in good nick with buttons working as they should. Most Tiguans will never venture off-road, but give the underside a check if buying a four-wheel drive version just in case the previous owner got a little enthusiastic. The number of recalls is quite high, so find out if these have been completed.

Volkswagen Tiguan FAQs

The regular Tiguan is only available with five seats. However, the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace is a separate model that has seven seats.

The Tiguan does not have a sunroof included as standard, but a tilting, panoramic sunroof is included on Elegance trims and above, as well as in some optional extra packs.

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a 4x4, but not as standard. Some engine and trim combinations do have an all-wheel drive option, you just need to look out for the word ‘4MOTION’. All Tiguan R performance versions have all-wheel drive.

In ownership surveys, the Tiguan generally gets fairly average scores. That means it’s not one of the most reliable SUVs you can buy, but you’re also not going to be anxiously waiting on the inevitable trip to the garage for expensive repairs. Just take extra care to look for used examples with a good service history and clean MOT history (if the car is old enough to have had one).

4MOTION is the name of Volkswagen’s four-wheel drive system.

The Volkswagen Tiguan starts at 1,429kg.

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