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The best large SUVs are amongst the best family cars, as they’re usually spacious, often have the option of seven seats, and are equally usually refined, comfortable, and luxurious. Here are ten of the best large family SUVs, and they’re not all expensive…

audi Q7

1. Audi Q7

Battery range up to 34 miles
carwow price from
£577* / month (£56,935)
skoda Kodiaq

2. Skoda Kodiaq

carwow price from
£291* / month (£31,189)
bmw X7

3. BMW X7

carwow price from
£1,096* / month (£83,295)
audi Q8

4. Audi Q8

carwow price from
£740* / month (£66,929)
volvo XC90

5. Volvo XC90

Battery range up to 28 miles
carwow price from
£580* / month (£52,715)
mercedes GLS

6. Mercedes GLS

carwow price from
£1,264* / month (£81,653)
land-rover Range Rover Sport

7. Range Rover Sport

Battery range up to 24 miles
kia Sorento

8. Kia Sorento

carwow price from
£442* / month
volkswagen Tiguan

9. Volkswagen Tiguan

carwow price from
£311* / month (£27,832)
toyota Highlander Hybrid

10. Toyota Highlander

carwow price from
£505* / month (£48,042)

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In theory, the answer here is the Mercedes-Benz GLE (which shares most of its structure with the even-larger GLS). Get the GLE 350de diesel plug-in hybrid, and you’re looking at a claimed fuel economy figure of 353mpg. Obviously, that’s only achievable if you’re religiously plugging it in and charging it up every day, and making the most of its impressive 58-mile electric range, but actually long-haul fuel economy isn’t too shabby either — you might get over 45mpg if you’re careful. The new Range Rover P440e plug-in hybrid matches the Merc’s claimed economy figure, but being as it’s based around a petrol engine is unlikely to match it for long-haul consumption.

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It’ll depend on the dog, but the best all-rounder for canine companions is probably the Land Rover Discovery. Fold down the third-row seats, and you’ve got 1,137-litres of space, which is enough for even a Great Dane to stretch out in. The (optional) adjustable air suspension also helps, lowering the back of the car to make it easier to get in and out. Land Rover also offers a number of dog-friendly accessories, from safety barriers to load-bay liners, a portable shower, and even a foldaway ramp, so that dogs with short legs can get in and out easily.

We’d probably best go with the expert opinion of none other than the Caravan Club, which pronounced the Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid as its best big SUV tow-car. It’ll haul up to 2,105kg of braked trailer weight, with a 140kg ‘nose weight’ load for the retractable tow-bar. There are SUVs that can technically haul more (up to 3,500kg) but the Caravan Club praised the Cayenne’s ability to switch driving, suspension, and gearbox modes for the best towing experience.

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The simple answer here is the SEAT Taracco. The big SEAT has a starting price tag of just over £31,000, but comes with seven seats as standard. That makes it better value even than the Skoda Kodiaq, which costs from just over £33,000, but charges you extra for seven seats. The SEAT and Skoda are, of course, mechanically identical under the skin.

It’s very hard to look past the Audi Q7 here. OK, so the cabin isn’t quite as luxurious as that of the BMW X7 nor Merc GLS, though the Audi’s starting price is way, way lower. Plus, you get a good choice of engines, from a fuel-sipping plug-in hybrid, all the way up to a monstrous V8 turbo SQ7. It’s also much more spacious inside than many rivals, all adding up to a winning performance.

There’s a three-way split here. The Tesla Model X is an incredibly impressive car, not least in the fact that it has one of the longest ranges of any EV (up to 348 miles) but also, of course, in its cool factor — gullwing rear doors, huge screen, badge appeal. Then again, the Model X also has sometimes questionable build quality, and while you can order one right now, you can’t actually take delivery of it until Tesla says so. 

So maybe consider the BMW iX? Ugly it may be, but the cabin is fantastic, it’s brilliant to drive, and it too has an exceptionally long range — up to 380 miles. Of course, there’s a better answer, and it’s the Skoda Enyaq. Lots of space, a gorgeous cabin, very high quality, and a 310-mile range. And it’s about half the price of the others.

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