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Spanish brand SEAT has built its reputation on small hatchbacks such as the Ibiza or Leon, but in recent years it’s a trio of SUVs that have grabbed the spotlight and, to a large extent, the sales. Owned by Volkswagen, SEAT benefits from some clever sharing of underpinnings to produce SUVs that are good to drive but still have more design flair than most SUVs.

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SEAT SUV range: current models

SEAT has a trio of SUVs, covering small, medium and large sizes, all available with petrol engines, while the big seven-seat Tarraco also comes with a diesel alternative. 

SEAT Arona

The baby of the SEAT SUV line-up, the Arona is a well-equipped and stylish small SUV that’s offered with four different power output of petrol engine. It kicks off at 95hp, and runs up to the 150hp range-topper only available in the FR Sport trim level. It’s one of the smartest small SUV choices, although rear passenger and boot space are both a bit tight.

SEAT Ateca

The first SUV launched by SEAT, the Ateca still looks sharp and is a practical mid-sized SUV with a decent amount of boot space. Available with 110hp or 150hp petrol engines, but no hybrid or electric version, the Ateca is more functional and less striking on the inside, where the cabin design could be more interesting.

SEAT Tarraco

The big Tarraco seven-seater SUV is a great combination of practicality and style, and is the only SEAT SUV available with a diesel engine. You can have petrol or diesel, both 150hp in power, and either manual or automatic. Equipment levels are good and there’s plenty of interior space, apart from in the third row of seats, which anyone bigger than a child will find quite cramped.


It depends what you want. The SEAT Arona is a compact urban-based SUV that looks great and is perfect for picking through town, while the mid-sized Ateca is a spacious and well-equipped family vehicle. But for those that need more space, the SEAT Tarraco is a great option, providing seven-seat capability in a more stylish package than some of the big SUV alternatives.