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Ford might be better known for its hatchbacks, such as the Fiesta and Focus, which are among the best-selling and most recognisable cars of all time in the UK. However, the immediate future of the car market lies with SUVs, such is their popularity, and the firm offers an extensive range of these. Here, we guide you through the various SUV models that Ford is trying to tempt you with.

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Ford SUV range: current models

Small and cheap to large and electric, Ford’s SUV range has it all.

Ford Ecosport

The Ecosport is your cheapest way into Ford’s range of SUVs, which on its own gives the car a certain appeal. However, it’s still not a route that we necessarily recommend you take. There’s a range of reasons why, the first of which is practicality. Rear-seat space is rather limited, the boot is teeny, and a side-hinged tailgate makes it tricky to gain access to the boot in tight parking spaces. The interior quality is rather low-rent, and the unsettled ride means it’s not all that comfortable. Not terrible, but not great, either.

Ford Puma

Okay, so the Ford Puma costs a bit more than the similarly-sized Ecosport, but while the Ecosport disappoints, the Puma dazzles. For starters, it’s one of the best cars of its type to drive, with a comfortable ride and sharp, involving handling. A range of punchy petrol engines - most of which have mild hybrid technology - also deliver a good balance of performance and economy. Practicality is much better thanks to a much larger boot with a clever design, and while you will find some scratchy plastics inside, you’ll have no complaints about the equipment and technology on offer.

Ford Focus Active

You might well consider the Ford Focus Active to be little more than a regular Focus hatchback with some extra body cladding and a raised suspension. And you’d be largely correct in that regard, but that doesn’t mean the Active isn’t a good car in its own right. Like any other Focus, this crossover version delivers a driving experience that blends comfort and precision impressively well, and it also delivers decent practicality, plenty of standard kit and affordable running costs.

Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga represents a significant step up in size compared with the cars that sit below it in Ford’s SUV range, and that brings with it a significant step up in practicality, with more interior space and a bigger boot. You’ll also notice an improvement in interior quality and standard equipment, and like most Fords, the driving experience you get is sophisticated and sporty at the same time. Engines include a turbocharged petrol, a self-charging hybrid and a plug-in hybrid, so most buyers should find a powertrain to suit them.

Ford Mustang Mach-e

The Mustang name might immediately conjure up thoughts of V8-powered muscle cars rather than electric-powered family SUVs, but in the Mustang Mach-e, Ford has a very good example of the latter. It offers very decent practicality and a reasonably posh-feeling cabin - important in any family car - and there’s lots of technology on board. Despite its bulky size and weight, the car still manages to deliver fairly agile and sporty handling, although be warned that this does come at the expense of a comfortable ride. Cheaper versions could have a longer range, too.

Ford SUVs FAQs

In terms of outright size, the Mustang Mach-e is Ford’s biggest SUV, measuring around 4.7 metres in length. That makes it around 100mm longer than the Ford Kuga. However, if you’re looking to maximise interior space, then the Kuga is actually a better bet.
The Ecosport is Ford’s smallest SUV. It measures just shy of four metres long, while the Ford Puma is a little larger at 4.2 metres. Even if you’re looking for the most compact SUV you can get, though, we’d still recommend switching to the Puma, because it's a considerably better car all round.
Pound for pound, we’d have to say that the Puma is Ford’s best SUV. It’s affordable to buy and run, it’s practical enough for a small-to-medium sized family and it comes with most of the creature comforts you’ll want. It’s also one of the best cars of its type to drive.