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MG has been back in business as a car brand since 2011, with Chinese manufacturing giant SAIC Motor (Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation) having acquired the historic brand from MG Rover. The marque now offers simple cars that are helping to rebuild MG as a global brand. 

The MG brand also differentiates from rivals on value, with its cars often significantly cheaper than equivalent alternatives from mainstream manufacturers.

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MG SUV range: current models

With SUVs maintaining their dominance in the car market, it comes as no surprise that MG has a number of SUV models in its range.


The MG ZS is an inexpensive small SUV with a spacious interior and a large, practical boot. The downsides are that it doesn’t have much modern safety technology and there’s no diesel option.


If you’re looking for a spacious and affordable electric car, the MG ZS EV is worthy of consideration. There’s plenty of practicality on offer, but be aware of refinement issues.


The MG HS is pitched as a value-for-money SUV, so you get a lot of features as standard. Unfortunately, poor boot space and a low-quality interior lets the HS down.


MG SUVs offer a combination of affordability, space and practicality, with the line-up featuring cars of different sizes and an all-electric option. MG also offers a seven-year warranty to give buyers extra peace of mind. Reliability seems to be reasonable, and the MG ZS EV and MG HS have both gained five stars in crash tests. MG cars are a budget option, though, which means that some quality standards are lower than you’ll see in rivals.
Prices for the MG ZS start at well under £20,000, while the all-electric version, the MG ZS EV goes from well under £30,000. The larger MG HS costs from over £21,000.
The largest car in the MG SUV family is the MG HS, which offers a lot of tech for not much money and returns respectable fuel economy figures. Quality standards aren’t great, however, and boot space is limited, compared to some of the alternatives.  
MG does have some presence in its former British home, Longbridge in Birmingham, but most of its operations are based in China, with the manufacture of MG SUV models in mainland China and Thailand.