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Estate cars are essentially elongated versions of their hatchback or saloon counterparts. They have a wide rear hatch which allows for easy loading of bulky items, and offers masses of luggage space with the rear seats folded down. This body style has been around for decades, and remains one of the most practical vehicles around.

Modern estate cars aren’t just more practical than their saloon or hatchback alternatives, they’re stylish too, and many are packed with tech and have performance to rival sports cars. There’s a fair number of budget-conscious options out there as well; simply put, there’s an estate car out there for all tastes and needs.

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Advice on estate car leasing

Estate car lease FAQs

As with any leasing deal through carwow, the road tax is included for the length of the contract, the manufacturer’s warranty is also unaffected and typically covers you for at least three years and a minimum of 60,000-miles.

Leasing tends to have lower monthly payments than other financing methods and there are no long-term commitments either, you just hand the car back at the end of the lease and take out a lease on a brand new one. This can all be done without having to leave the comfort of your home.

For more information about financing your next car, check out our guide on leasing vs buying a car.

While this generally comes to your personal needs and budget, there are some great estate cars out there that are worthy of your time. 

If you’re budget conscious, the newly updated Dacia Jogger is one of the best value models out there. With seating for seven, rear parking sensors and cruise control standard on even the base trim, you’ll struggle to find a more value-packed estate car.

The MG5 all-electric estate car is another great buy. It undercuts most other EVs of a similar size and provides brisk performance, low running costs and an impressive 250-mile range between charges.

Just about every major car manufacturer, and a few minor ones, offer at least one estate variant in their ranges. 

Take a look at some of the best estate cars to buy, and a selection of estate cars with the biggest boots. For some of the latest deals available on carwow right now, take a look at our car leasing deals.

Most lease providers require a photographic ID and proof of address to verify your details. They will also need your employment and bank details as well as your monthly income to determine your eligibility for the car you want to lease.

The lease provider will arrange to collect the car. If you haven’t exceeded the allocated mileage and the car is in an acceptable condition, there will be nothing further to pay and you simply hand the keys over. 

If there is an issue then you may be liable for a penalty fee, you can dispute this with the lease provider – remember to take pictures of the car beforehand.

For more information, take a look at our handy guide on what happens at the end of a car lease.

There will be an additional fee to pay if you go over your agreed mileage allowance. If you notice that you may exceed this limit beforehand you can contact your lease provider to see whether it can be incorporated into your lease deal. The likelihood of this depends on the details of your contract.

Read more about excess mileage charges.

Carwow makes car leasing as pain-free as possible, we also offer great leasing deals on a huge range of estate cars, and your road tax is covered for the duration of the lease. 

We have a vast network of trusted dealers who will bring you their best offers, you just pick the one you want, and the car will be delivered to your door.

If you have a second-hand car to sell, we can take care of that too, once again a network of trusted dealers will offer you their best price and you pick the one that suits you. The dealership will make payment and collect your car.