Dacia Jogger review

The Dacia Jogger is an impressively packaged family car that will be hard-wearing and dependable, but there’s not a fully flat floor in the back.

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This score is awarded by our team of expert reviewers
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What's good

  • Truly excellent space and practicality
  • Comfortable ride and cabin
  • Very simple to use

What's not so good

  • Material quality isn’t the best
  • No flat floor when removing seats
  • Wind can buffet you around

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Is the Dacia Jogger a good car?

If you’re after a practical, seven-seat family car but don’t want to fork out for an expensive SUV or a bulbous MPV people carrier, then take a look at the Dacia Jogger. It kind of looks like someone has put a regular estate car through a photocopier at 125%, which is no bad thing.

Combining SUV and MPV practicality, the Jogger has been designed so that seven people can sit in comfort throughout – yes, even in the rearmost two chairs.  

Featuring the same face as the rest of the Dacia family, the Jogger looks like a van in many respects that’s been stretched, but with large windows it gets plenty of light inside.

Cabin quality is as you would expect from Dacia – it’s simple and hard-wearing, but not flashy by any means. After all, this is an extremely affordable car, so you shouldn’t really expect the last word in luxury here. This car is all about value for money.

Where the Jogger really impresses is how spacious it is. By raising the roofline toward the back of the car, headroom is seriously impressive. There’s impressive amounts of legroom in the second and third rows too – even for adults. 

Practicality wise, boot space isn’t the best when you’ve got seven people in the car as you’re only left with a small space for luggage. But by folding down the rearmost seats, you get a great space, and you can take them out all together for even more room. 

Equipment-wise, the Jogger only comes with what Dacia calls ‘the essentials’. That means air conditioning, metallic trim detailing and 16-inch steel wheels with covers. To get an infotainment system, you need to download an app onto your phone that you put into the standard-fit phone holder.

The Jogger with the Comfort trim is one of the best value cars you can buy. But you may want to wait for the hybrid version.

Mat Watson
Mat Watson
carwow expert

But due to Dacia being the most affordable brand around, the mid-spec isn’t that more expensive and comes with a seriously impressive level of kit. You also only get the choice of two optional extras – whether you want metallic paint and if you want a spare wheel or not.

On launch, you can only get the 1.0-litre petrol with 110hp paired to a six-speed manual that can take you from 0-60mph in around 11 seconds. But if you want more efficiency, you may want to wait for the petrol hybrid model arriving in 2023. 

Another place where the Jogger impresses though is out on the road. You can’t expect it to be the most refined car around or the sportiest, but it’s still more than good enough for given its extremely affordable price-tag.

The manual gear shift is smooth, and while the engine might be quite low on power, it gives you enough kick to get up to speed. It also doesn’t feel too chunky, meaning getting around town and in and out of parking spaces  is relatively easy.

When you’re on the motorway, the Jogger settles down well, and apart from some wind buffeting it’s really quite good on the motorway. The engine doesn’t sound rough and you get cruise control to make long journeys easy.

Whichever Jogger you pick, it’s cheap to run, supremely practical and very charming with how simple it is to use and live with.

If you’re after one or any other Dacia, check out our offers page to see how much money you could save on a new model.

How practical is it?

The Jogger is built on practicality and with plenty of space throughout, you’ll never be short on storage.

Boot (seats up)
160 litres
Boot (seats down)
1,819 litres

The fact that tall adults can fit in the rearmost seats shows how spacious the Jogger is. With the roofline raised towards the rear of the car, you have plenty of headroom in all rows, even for tall people. 

If you want that extra bit of luxury, you can fold the middle row down. Fold them all the way forward and you have the same legroom you’d get in first class on an airline – no joke.

Throughout the cabin, you’ll find plenty of storage space – 23 litres worth in fact. There’s well-sized door bins in the front, decent cupholders and a large space behind the gear stick where you can put your phone. There’s also a spot under the armrest. 

In the second row, you again have doorbins. But you also get seat pockets for additional storage. Even in the back row you get cupholders to the side, so everyone can have a drink bottle on a long journey.

Depending on how many seats you have used, you do get a decent amount of room. With all the seats in place, you get 212 litres which is ok but still less than most superminis. Folding the rearmost seats down makes up to 699 litres of storage capacity available. 

However, you can remove the rear seats altogether, but there are some holes and gaps in the flooring so make sure you don’t lose anything small under the floor. But doing that and folding the second row all the way forward means you have up to 2,085 litres, which is excellent.

What's it like to drive?

It may not be the most exciting car to drive, but the Jogger is stable and has a likeable character.

From launch, you can only get a 1.0-litre petrol four-cylinder engine, which develops 110hp and 200Nm. Combined with the six-speed manual transmission with stop/start as standard, you can get from 0-60mph in 11.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 114mph.

When tested on multiple road types and with different styles, the Jogger was able to return around 42mpg, but with smooth driving over a longer period of time, the claimed 47 to 49mpg is likely to be achieved. CO2 emissions are also quite good, with Dacia claiming 131g/km.

However, for the best performance overall, you may want to wait for the hybrid – the first Dacia will ever build. Although Dacia hasn’t officially confirmed what its performance will be, it’s likely to have upwards of 130hp and achieve close to 60mpg.

You might think that as it’s one of the cheapest cars around, the driving experience of the Jogger will be pretty nasty too. But you’d be wildly wrong, as the Jogger has a lot of character to help make your time with it more than enjoyable enough.

No, it doesn’t feel sporty or will ever really be like that, but there’s some joy in how simple it is to drive. The gear shift is smooth and slick, while the steering is well-weighted and you can place the Jogger pretty accurately on the road. 

This helps around town, too, making ducking in and out of traffic and tight spaces a breeze. With the huge windows all round, visibility is good and you can get blind spot monitoring to help out even further.

The Jogger also doesn’t feel as long as you might expect, and you get rear parking sensors as standard. Front sensors and a reversing camera are fitted from the mid-spec upwards. 

On the open road the Jogger feels composed and pretty comfortable. It’s not the most refined experience in the world, you’ll feel the odd lump or bump here, but it’s more than comfy enough for day-to-day driving. 

On the motorway, there’s only some mild tyre and wind noise to deal with, so when you’ve got music on you’re not going to be bothered too much. The wind can buffet you around though, thanks to the car’s large slab sides.

What's it like inside?

The Dacia Jogger’s interior is pretty plain and a bit dull, but it’s simple to use and hard-wearing for long-term practicality.

Dacia Jogger colours

Solid - Glacier white
Metallic - Iron blue
From £595
Metallic - Moonstone grey
From £595
Metallic - Pearl black
From £595
Metallic - Slate grey
From £595
Metallic - Terracotta bronze
From £595
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