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Tesla started with great promise, producing the all-electric Roadster to great acclaim. Here, the pundits said, is a car in which an electric motor’s instantaneous torque delivery is perfectly suited. They were right, too, and owners could forgive the car’s limited range as it accelerated so well. It was based on the Elise chassis, so it handled beautifully even if it was a bit heavy, thanks to all those batteries.

With the Model S, Tesla has delivered on its early promise, and then some. Some in the motoring press have even declared the Model S the greatest car ever made. The all-electric motor is great, delivering instantaneous torque at any speed, but what distinguishes the Model S is Tesla’s attention to detail. For a car of its size, the Model S offers incredible handling. Throw in extended range options, elegant styling, and a lush interior, complete with a huge screen for the navigation unit that is unlike any other in a production car, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Tesla has a winner on its hands.