10 best home EV chargers in the UK

February 28, 2024 by

Looking to get a home wallbox EV charger installed? Our guide has you covered

There are a number of companies offering home charging solutions for current or prospective EV owners. Charging at home is usually the most convenient and cost-effective way of charging an electric car.

It’s definitely worth researching home wallboxes before you buy an EV to find out how long you will have to wait for it to be installed, or if a site inspection will be necessary to assess how and where to fit it. Some homes with older electrics may require upgrading before a wallbox can be fitted.

A home wallbox will deliver electricity at a rate of up to around 7 kiloWatts (kW), far faster than the 2.3 kW you can get from a domestic three-pin plug, which should only really be used for emergency charges anyway due to the electrical load it puts on the socket. Some EV chargers are available with a maximum charging rate of 22kW but these require a three-phase electrical supply more often found at commercial installations (most domestic electricity supplies are one phase).

Our in-depth guide on electric car charging has more information, while this guide will detail the 10 best home EV charges, picked for style, price and functionality 

The 10 best home EV chargers to buy in 2024 are:

(in alphabetical order)

  1. Andersen A2
  2. Easee One
  3. EO Mini Pro 3
  4. Hypervolt Home 3 Pro
  5. Indra Smart LUX
  6. Myenergi Zappi
  7. Ohme Home Pro
  8. Pod Point Solo 3
  9. Rolec WallPod
  10. Wallbox Pulsar Max
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1. Andersen A2

Price from: £1,199 (+installation from £395)
Best for: choice of colours and built-in cable storage
Connection type: tethered
Max charging speed: 7kW (single phase), 22kW (three phase electric supply required)
Dimensions: 494 x 348 x 148mm

Style may be subjective, but the Andersen is undeniably a sleek unit, not least because it allows you to stow the cable and plug away from view when not in use, for a more streamlined look. An LED light on the front panel shows you when the charger is active.

Anderson also offers a variety of colours for the front and body of the charger, while you can upgrade the cover to a variety of wood and metal finishes.

There is a Konnext+ app which can instantly show you the cost of every charge and lock or unlock your charger remotely. As you’d expect, it also allows you to schedule your charging in line with your most economical tariff or solar and wind power sources.

The 7kW model is offered with a 5.5m or 8.5m cable, while the 22kW version has a 6.5m cable.

More details: www.andersen-ev.com

2. Easee One

Price from: around £500 plus installation
Best for: value for money and compact size
Connection type: tethered or untethered
Charging speed: 7.4kW
Dimensions: 253 x 193 x 106mm

Small, discreet, and available in a range of five colours (white, red, dark blue, anthracite and black), the Easee One was developed in Norway specifically for the UK market. The Easee App gives you full remote control of your charger.

With 4G internet access, you can install three Easee units on a single fuse, allowing you charge three cars from one location at the same time, with the power split between them evenly. Software updates are automatically carried out over-the-air, when required.

More details: www.easee.com/uk/home-charging 

3. EO Mini Pro 3

Price from: £966 installed
Best for: being small and unobtrusive
Connection type: tethered or untethered
Max charging speed: 7.2kW
Dimensions: 230mm x 151mm x 125mm

The EO Mini Pro 3 is a compact charger that can be had tethered (with a charging lead hardwired in) or untethered. It’s ideal if you’re short on space, or just fancy a discreet charge point on your property.

The tethered version has a 5m cable, but the untethered alternative (where you remove your charging cable and store it separately) has 5m, 7.5m and 10m cables available.

It is controlled via the EO Smart Home app and compatible with all Type 2 electric vehicles. You can tell it to prioritise power from any solar panels available and it won’t overload your electrical system thanks to its power balancing technology.

More details: www.eocharging.com/home-charging 

4. Hypervolt Home 3 Pro

Price from: £690 plus installation
Best for: five star Trustpilot reviews
Connection type: tethered
Charging speed: 7kW
Dimensions: 328 x 243 x 101mm

The Hypervolt Home 3 PRO is a stylish home EV charger available in white, grey or black, and with adjustable illumination around its edges and for the logo on the front panel in various colours to indicate whether it is active or not.

It’s designed and built in the UK, and has three charging modes – Boost, Eco (solar and grid) and super eco (solar only), plus the option of a super-long 10m charging lead available.

Like most EV chargers, it’s controlled via an app, but also via an Amazon Alexa unit. Automated electrical load management and over-the-air updates help to make your charging hassle-free.

More details: www.hypervolt.co.uk 

5. Indra Smart LUX

Price from: £1,249 installed
Best for: narrow parking spaces
Connection type: tethered
Max charging speed: 7.4kW
Dimensions: 201 x 306 x 78mm

This super-slim home EV charger gives you a choice of four colours for the case and either a 6m or 10m cable.

The front panel illuminates in a range of colours to show you its status (charging/not charging etc) and can charge using the power of the sun if you have solar panels at home.

Of course, the Indra app gives you full control of the charger and charging history.

If you don’t want a tethered charger, Indra has other options, such as the Smart PRO. Indra is one of the companies developing V2H technology, so you can store surplus electricity in your EV and then use it later to power your house and avoid using electricity from the grid during peak tariff times.

More details: www.indra.co.uk 

6. Myenergi Zappi

Price from: £779 plus installation
Great for: integration with renewable energy sources
Connection type: tethered or untethered
Max charging speed: 7.4kW or 22kW
Dimensions: 439 x 282 x 122mm

The Myenergi Zappi home charger is one of a handful with its own display, rather than doing everything via an app. It has a special ‘Eco’ mode that can run using just the power from solar panels or wind turbines (if you have these installed on your property) for 100% green energy; alternatively, programme it to charge during lower cost off-peak periods (usually overnight). It has the technology to communicate with your home’s ecosystem (also available from myenergi), now and in the future.

More details: www.myenergi.com 

7. Ohme Home Pro

Price from: £999 installed
Best for: doing everything in a neat package
Connection type: tethered
Max charging speed: 7.4kW
Dimensions: 170 x 200 x 100mm (height x width x depth)

Ohme’s Home Pro has a sleek, modern design with a 5m Type 2 tethered charging cable |8m optional). Unlike many chargers, the Home Pro has a built-in LCD screen that shows information on your car’s battery level and current charging rate, but you can also monitor and control this via Ohme’s smartphone app, allowing you to manage your charging from anywhere.

The Home Pro also integrates smart ‘dynamic charging technology’ and energy tariff integration, meaning it can automatically adjust when electricity is fed into your car, taking advantage of smart energy tariffs that vary their rates based on network demand. Those with a keen eye on their carbon footprint, meanwhile, have the option to configure the Home Pro to draw electricity when renewable energy is available from National Grid.

If you’d prefer something smaller, there’s also the Ohme ePod untethered charger without the LCD display available from £949 installed.

More details: www.ohme-ev.com

8. Pod Point Solo 3

Price from: £798
Great for: value for money
Connection type: tethered or untethered
Max charging speed: 7kW up to 22kW (requires three-phase power supply)
Dimensions: 330 x 290 x 167 mm (tethered)

This is another charging device controlled via an app. It also gets over-the-air updates and you can also use the app with the nationwide Pod Point public network if you need to charge while away from home. It even uses Google maps to give you directions to the nearest Pod Point charger.

The Pod Point Solo 3 is available with three power ratings: 3.6kW, 7kW or 22kW and available tethered or untethered, both with Type 1 or Type 2 connectors.

The untethered (or universal, as Pod Point calls it) version accepts Type 1 and 2 connectors, so can charge any EV and you can use its portable cable on chargers in the nationwide Pod Point network.

More details: www.pod-point.com

9. Rolec QUBEV Smart

Price from: £785 (installed)
Best for:
Connection type: tethered
Max charging speed: 7.4kW or 22kW
Dimensions: 330 x 200 x 132mm

The QUBEV Smart is the smallest and most affordable home EV charger from Rolec. It still has plenty of functionality to offer, including the ability to choose solar power, if available, to make your charging as green as possible. There’s an LED charging status indicator and 5m lead with a Type 2 connector.

One of the main differences between the QUBEV Smart and Rolec’s other (more expensive) chargers is the type of app it uses. This one has its own QUBEV Smart app which gives full control of your charging and charger for you and multiple users, while the others are compatible with the Monta app that offers alternative payment methods.

More details: www.rolecserv.com/ev-charging 

10. Wallbox Pulsar Max

Price from: £589 plus installation
Best for: low price
Connection type: tethered
Max charging speed: 7.4kW
Dimensions: 166 x 163 x 82mm

The Wallbox Pulsar Max is another slim and unobtrusive home charging unit. Again, it does without a display screen but, instead, has the go-anywhere convenience of being controlled via an app with plenty of functionality. It also offers a very competitive price, gives the choice of no less than six colours and can be voice controlled using an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant gadget.

This charger is suitable for every electric car with type 1 or type 2 charging plugs and can charge using solar power. It incorporates ‘dynamic load balancing’ to make sure the charger doesn’t exceed your home’s electricity limit when charging and can charge up to four EVS at once by distributing power across connected chargers.

More details: www.wallbox.com 

How to choose the best EV charger for your home

There are a few considerations if you’re after a home EV chargers, including:

  • Price: this will be a key metric for many. With most charge points fundamentally doing the same job with similar functionality, you’ll need to balance out how you feel about paying for style or compact size, versus how you feel the wallbox blends in with its location.
  • Tethered or untethered: if you have more than one EV to charge and they have different connector types, you’ll almost certainly want an untethered wallbox. Otherwise, with pretty much all new EVs accepting Type 2 charging, you should be fine with the neater, slightly more convenient nature of a tethered unit.
  • Three-phase capability: a three-phase supply will get you charging speeds of up to 22kW, but getting three-phase installed can be very expensive, and most people don’t do it. Paying extra for a charger that can handle three-phase won’t make sense if you count yourself among these people.
  • To screen or not to screen: having an easy-to-read display on the charger can be convenient, but with almost all of them operating via a smartphone app, it’s worth asking yourself if you want a screen or not.
  • Cost of installation: some home chargepoint installations cost more than others, so be sure to factor this into your decisions and know the price including installation.

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