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How to sell your car in Edinburgh with Carwow

1. Get an instant valuation

Enter your reg and some quick details about your car. We’ll tell you what your car’s really worth.

2. Advertise to thousands of dealers

Snap some pics, list your car on our site, and go about your day. We’ll advertise your car to 5.5k+ trusted dealers in our online auctions.

3. Free collection, fast payment

When the auction ends, you’ll be notified and we or a dealer will be in touch to arrange pickup! If your reserve price isn’t met, you can still choose to accept your best offer.

Why should I sell my car with Carwow?

  • Free collection at a time and place that works for you

  • Fast payment straight into your bank account

  • We accept cars with outstanding finance

  • Advertise to 5,500+ dealers we know and trust

  • You’re always in the driver’s seat, every step of the way

  • Our dedicated team is always on hand to help

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Why sell your car in Edinburgh?

Selling your car in Edinburgh can be a wise decision, especially with the introduction of the Edinburgh Low Emission Zone (LEZ). By selling an older, less efficient vehicle, you can avoid these charges and help contribute to a cleaner environment. Upgrading to a newer, low-emission car or making use of the city's excellent public transport options can also save you money on fuel and maintenance in the long run.

Carwow makes selling your car in Edinburgh easy and beneficial. By listing your vehicle in our daily online auction, you gain access to over 5,500 trusted dealers across the UK, ensuring you receive competitive offers. Once your car is sold, Carwow or the dealer will arrange to collect it at a time and place convenient for you, with most payments arriving in your bank account on the same day. This service is completely free for you, the seller, and our dedicated support team is always available to assist you throughout the process.

Sell your car in Edinburgh FAQs

Glad you asked! Once you’ve entered your reg for a quick valuation, we’ll just need a few more details about your car and some photos. Once we’ve got them our team will be in touch to help you set a ‘reserve price’ - this is the amount you’d be happy to sell your car for, many customers get more!

Then we’ll do EVERYTHING else. As you go about your day your car will be advertised in our online auctions and 5,500+ trusted nationwide dealers can bid on it. When the auction’s over we’ll let you know the result and the winning dealer will be in touch to arrange a free collection and your payment.
Yes. It’s an online auction so you can sell your car from anywhere in Edinburgh. Once you’ve sold your car to one of our trusted dealers, it’s time to arrange the ‘where and when’ of your free collection. This can be at your home address, place of work or somewhere else convenient. Remember, the dealer or collections driver will give your car a thorough inspection and may ask to take the car for a short test drive to check the car’s condition before taking it away.
It’s completely free! No hidden costs or admin fees, all you need to think about is what you’ll do with the money.
In the time it takes you to read this, we’ve probably sold a car…

Once your listing is approved:

We’ll get your car into one of our daily auctions - the speed of offers depends on the demand for your specific model. If it doesn’t sell at auction we’ll showcase your car for two additional days to give you a second chance to sell it.

Once you accept an offer you love, we or the dealer will be in touch within 48 hours to sort out the next steps. 

Make sure you have your documents ready to avoid any delays - our dealers will pick up your car on a day that works for both of you. 

So it’s pretty smooth sailing… or should that be smooth cruising?

We’ll need your registration, some photos and a few basic details - such as your car’s current mileage and any service history you have.

On collection day you’ll need the following to hand:
  • V5C
  • Driving licence 
  • Service history
  • Spare keys
  • Finance settlement letter (if applicable)
  • Locking wheel nut (if applicable)
As long as your car hasn’t previously been a service vehicle (such as an ambulance or a taxi) or an insurance write-off we should be able to help you sell it. We’ve recently started selling vans too, so if you have an LCV we can help you too.
We connect you with a network of over 5,500 trusted dealerships, including franchised dealers, independent dealers, and specialist buyers. You'll receive competitive offers based on your car's details, helping you get a great price.
Depending on which dealer has bought your car, Carwow or the dealer will be in touch to arrange free collection at a place of your choice. Just let them know where and when. Remember to tell us if the collection address is different from the one you gave when uploading the car for auction. On the day, the dealer will give the car a thorough inspection and as long as it matches your description, most payments arrive on the same day.
Most payments arrive on the same day as your car is collected, but some dealers have their own policies. Rest assured, we only work with trusted dealers to give you a secure and hassle-free experience.

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