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Buying a new Land Rover through carwow
Once you have chosen your new Land Rover or Range Rover, you'll get new deals from dealerships sent direct into your inbox. You can message dealers via carwow to discuss new car finance deals and to help work out the right finance package for you. As you'll buy the new car direct from a Land Rover dealership, you'll still be able to access Land Rover Finance Deals and special offers through carwow. And you can also part-exchange your current car if you want and access the aftersales customer service should you wish.

Range of new Land Rover cars
When you walk into a Land Rover dealership you'll be faced with a wide range of vehicles, so which one is right for you? And which do you really want? Here, we explain the entire range of new Land Rover and Range Rover cars available to buy from carwow.

Land Rover Discovery Sport
The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a medium-sized SUV that combines smart styling, a classy interior and Land Rover's famed off-road capabilities. The Land Rover Discovery Sport replaced the Freelander in the Land Rover range in 2014. The car was significantly updated in 2019.

Land Rover Discovery
A practical seven-seat SUV, the Land Rover Discovery has comparatively subtle looks, feels posh and can take you into the wilderness should you wish. While other alternatives may have more stylish interiors or better infotainment systems, few can match the Discovery’s ability to carry seven people comfortably.

Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover cars are at the posher end of the Land Rover Range and the Evoque is the smallest and cheapest Range Rover. It comes with an upmarket interior and more off-road ability than you’ll probably ever need. Many of its high-tech features cost extra, though.

Range Rover Velar
If the Evoque isn’t quite big enough for you, but you don’t want to go to the full-fat Range Rover or Range Rover Sport, the Velar could be the car for you. It has elegant looks, a high-tech interior and a practical boot.

Range Rover Sport
The Range Rover Sport isn’t quite as sporty to drive as the name suggests, but it looks cool, has a lovely interior and is as home on the motorway as it is crossing the desert – or at least the crossing the football training ground car park.

Range Rover
You need a car to cross your grouse moor, blast you down the motorway and drop you off at the opera… well, the Range Rover could well be your ideal car. Plush, comfortable and spacious, the Range Rover is the car of choice for royalty - but there’s no seven seat option.

Land Rover deals FAQs

Do Land Rover dealers negotiate?
Like most car dealers, Land Rover dealers do negotiate, but the simplicity of carwow means you don’t have to haggle to get a good deal – we do the legwork for you. Just configure the Land Rover or Range Rover you are after and our Land Rover dealers will message you with their best offers.

What is Range Rover SVO?
If your standard Range Rover isn't quite premium or individual enough for you, Land Rover has its SVO department. This is where it makes its range of what it calls halo models or collectors' edition cars.

SVO stands for Special Vehicle Operations and SVO cars are powerful high-spec versions of the Range Rover line-up. Currently, you can buy Range Rover SVAutobiography and Autobiography Dynamic, the Range Rover Sport SVR and the Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition.